Whimsical Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Whimsical voice for your voice over project.

Quirky, good-natured, and a little out-there. The whimsical voice is excellent for when you need a read that's slighly playful, mischievous, and invites listeners along for a fun, upbeat ride.

Info for Whimsical voice Voice-overs

When you need an idiosyncratic, buoyant vocal read that submerges listeners into another world and makes them believe that they've entered a realm where anything can happen, look no further than the whimsical voice. This voice type is all about bringing an affable, warm-hearted, creative quality to a performance and building a mood that's simultaneously adventurous and welcoming.

When can you use an Whimsical voice Voice-over?

A whimsical voice is one of the pillars of narration and storytelling. Just think about all of those audiobooks, video games, movies, and animation features where a narrator's voice is the first thing you hear, and instantly transports you to another time or place, also bookending some of the most important moments in the story. While this voice type is ideal for children's stories, there are also villains who have whimsical, out-there voices that are great for slightly more serious fare. The whimsical voice is also used very often in commercials and ads, especially when you're looking for a read that's got a little bit more personality and punch to it.

What makes the perfect Whimsical voice?

The main quality of a whimsical voice is its inherent playfulness. It's rarely in a hurry or strained, and it tends to have a hypnotic, eminently listentable quality that takes the listener to another time and place.