Witty Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Witty voice for your voice over project.

If you're looking for a way to inject some life into your story, the witty voice might be just the thing. Capable of lifting almost any genre - except perhaps horror - to the next level through clever wordplay, innuendo or pun, the witty voice let's the viewer know that the ride is gonna be a fun one.

Info for Witty voice Voice-overs

Whether it's a buddy road trip or an action comedy movie, a teen rom com or a high-paced adventure you can trust the witty voice to make the journey a pleasant one. Adding a hilarious zing to proceedings the witty voice can bring the smiles, the deep chuckles and even the occasional actual Laugh Out Loud moments as they help break tension or add to the team dynamic.

When can you use an Witty voice Voice-over?

The witty voice is such a winner for the audience because it really feels like it has been created with them in mind. Capable of lifting spirits or reducing fears and letting you believe that everything is going to be okay, the witty voice comes at you like a much needed glass of water in the desert. Or dessert, cos that's it - the witty voice is the dessert part of the story.

What makes the perfect Witty voice?

The witty voice can emerge in a diverse number of ways, from the sarcastic tones of Harrison Ford playing Han Solo in Star Wars to the more confident aware jovial nature of Chris Hemsworth's Thor. It can range from biting to caring and from intelligent to idiotic. The range and tone will be determined the story and character in question.