Wry Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Wry voice for your voice over project.

It's sarcastic and snarky. In fact, it's quite unlikable when a character speaks in a wry voice. But it can be very effective to show character traits, and this is a great, subtle way to do so. If you've got that wry character in your work, add a wry voice. It will be perfect!

Info for Wry voice Voice-overs

A wry voice is laced with sarcasm. Maybe a little bitterness and boredom sprinkled in, and, oh yeah, condescension. Hmm, disdain, too. You're getting the picture, right? It's not a likeable trait, but it sure can be an effective one.

When can you use an Wry voice Voice-over?

Your audiobook and videogame audience will love the use of this voice. It also is effective in a film, but stay away from it if you're doing, say, a documentary or a motivational or learning video. The wry voice is perfect for character development in your fictional voiceovers. It also can play off another character to develop others as well.

What makes the perfect Wry voice?

Think of the disdaninful, condescending, annoying coworker we all probably know. This one's got a wry voice. He may respond to your attempts at conversation with polite sounding answers, but ones that have slightly degrading or rude undertones. Wry humor is sarcastic and sometimes hard to deciper.

Other info for Wry voice Voice-overs

Some people love a wry sense of humor or a wry voice. Sure, it's a bit mean, but as long as its not directed at you, it can be fun. If you incorporate it into your audio pieces, you'll richly paint your characters.