Youthful Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Youthful voice for your voice over project.

Need to bring a bright, fresh-faced read to your project? If you're talking to a young, cool audience, then it's just better to bring the instant relatability of a youthful voice to build immediate trust and rapport.

Info for Youthful voice Voice-overs

There's nothing that beats the vibrant, hoperful tones of a youthful voice that's brimming with potential and unspent energy. When you're talking to a teenage or young adult demographic, there's nothing that establishes an immediate connection quite as much as a read that's coming from a young (or young-sounding) vocal performer. Some other times, you script may call for a wide-eyed, innocent character that has an unflappable sense of optimism and serves as a counterpoint to more grizzled, cynical characters.

When can you use an Youthful voice Voice-over?

There's an abundance of young characters in mediums like video games, animation, film, and audiobooks. The fresh-faced adventurer who's just gotten started on the path, meets loyal mentors and friends and can't be brought down by bad guys. The youthful voice is perfect to bring that cheerfulness and vibrancy to these reads. It's also ideal when you're talking to young people, as older voices can sound more lecturing or stern, and have less relatability. This voice type is also perfect ii you've got marketing material targeted at a younger audience, as you'll increase your chances of success if characters that are in their same age range show their good experiences with your products.

What makes the perfect Youthful voice?

Fresh, unhurried, with no strain, grit, or signs of age. The youthful voice is unspoiled by signs of vocal wear and tear, and carries a bright, warm tone that speaks of limitless potential.