Zen/Meditation Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Zen/Meditation voice for your voice over project.

Everyone can use a little Zen, a little calm, a bit of relaxation these days. When you need a voice to guide your audience through relaxation or meditation, use one of our calming Zen/mediation voices. The voice will bring your listeners just what the calm they are looking for.

Info for Zen/Meditation voice Voice-overs

A Zen / meditation voice is like waves lapping on an empty beach, snow falling in a piney forest, a cello gently being played. This voice can calm listeners and bring them inner peace. With soothing tones and pretty words, this voice will bring a sense of calm to all who listen.

When can you use an Zen/Meditation voice Voice-over?

When your audience is seeking relaxation, share your piece with a Zen / mediation voice. This voice will bring peace to your project and your listeners. It's perfect to narrate a guided mediation or a gentle yoga practice. Some people find it very relaxing to fall asleep to the human voice rather than nature sounds or white noise. The Zen / mediation voice is ideal for this.

What makes the perfect Zen/Meditation voice?

A Zen /mediation voice will have calm tones and a steady, slow pace. This voices uses a quiet sound, almost a whisper but not quite. Not only is the voice important, but so are the words. They will speak of nothing hectic, only things to relax the audience and help them achieve that inner peace and relaxation they are striving for. Often the voice takes the listener on a journey, whether a literal one or a metaphorical one to find that inner peace.