Aaron Cromwell, voice actor

Aaron Cromwell, voice actor

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      I have worked in radio for more than seven years, providing voiceover as added value to the station I work for, and also as part of a voice-sharing agreement with other stations across Canada. In this way, I have voiced countless radio commercials for diverse clients and applications. My natural voice is what I would call friendly, approachable and conversational... perfect for any application that desires trust and rapport with the listener. I also do characters, voices, accents and impressions... These often border on caricatures of the originals, and so are great for work that seeks to be zany or silly. I have a serious side too, but my strength is really friendly and funny. I look forward to helping folks make their project awesome!

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      5(14 reviews)
      EmpowerTheUser -
      "Amazing as always! Probably the most talented voiceover artist we've had!"
      Timothy K. -
      "Extremely professional, quick turnaround, and very polished. One of my favorite voiceover artists!"
      Timothy K. -
      "Extremely professional voice actor and supporting team from Bunny Studios. I was shocked at how few takes it took to get a high quality recording from this pro. HIGHLY recommend this voice actor -- great instincts, easy to work with. 10/10"
      Web M. -
      Andrew C. -