Andrew Hill, voice actor

Andrew Hill, voice actor

# UCQ1G9GUnavailableI do any voice you can imagine, or would ever need. Cartoon Characters, Video Games Characters, or even Narrators. Hundreds!
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      Check out my website: For more samples and other methods of contact! I’ve always stood out in my crowd of friends as, first of all, the funny and sarcastic one, but also as the one who “does voices”. From cartoon characters, to TV commercial type voices, to Gandalf the White (or Grey). I aspire to one day participate in big projects that will reach many people! I love using my voice to entertain others, and would love even more to do it on a more professional level, and perhaps even on the big screen! I want to show the world what I do! I've got several years of experience in voice acting, so just give me a try and we'll get it done!

      Andrew Hill's reviews

      5(18 Reviews)
      Kurt M L. -
      "Stellar work. Unbelievably fast delivery and the talent NAILED IT!"
      Ruben M. -
      "Amazing work! Perfect acting, tone and emotion. One of the best voice overs I got so far."
      Hemal V. -
      "Very prompt & pro active"
      Jim T. -
      "Thank you again, you are awesome!"
      Jason -
      "Absolutely excellent work, flawless execution and less than 24hr turnaround! Couldn't ask for more!! Great job all!!!"

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