Christopher Chinkhuntha, voice actor

Christopher Chinkhuntha, voice actor

# VLBPNC4Deep Bold South African Accent
4.8(9 reviews)
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      • Bunny Pro for 3 years

        Bunny Pro for 3 years

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      I'm a young South African starting his journey in the voice over business. I have my training and coaching with professionals and I'm ready to use my unique Deep South African Male voice.

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      4.8(9 reviews)
      Matheus de M. -
      "Hello guys, thanks for the work and sorry to bother and ask to re-record it a lot. Client needs to have all his way, regards,"
      Donna B. -
      "Perfect! Thank so much for taking on our feedback with such accuracy :)"
      EmpowerTheUser -
      Zulma S. -
      Paula H. -