Christopher Ruiz, voice actor

Christopher Ruiz, voice actor

# 33NGKSG4Professional, Deep Voice, Soothing, Sensual, Seductive, Sexy, Attractive, Mysterious, Villainous, Demonic, Conversational, Rockstar, Musician, Political, Comforting, Loving, Caring, Narrator, Strong, Sincere, Trustworthy, Laid back, Edgy, Sarcastic, Humorous, Storyteller, Educational, Explainer, Whiteboard, Web video, Internet, Business, Corporate, Online, Guy next door, Regular Joe, Casual, Easygoing, Hip, Millennial, Technical, Knowledgeable, Technology, Hipster, Young, Youthful , Friendly, Persuasive, Reassuring, Abrupt, Straightforward, Blue Collar, Manly, Tough, Playful, Uplifting, Attitude, Classy, High energy, Intellectual, Sophisticated, Dynamic, Amusing, Animated, Energetic, Articulate, Upbeat, Engaging, Announcer, Character, Teacher, Everyman, Professor, Spokesperson, Father, Dad, Executive, Alpha male, Beta male, Omega male, Gamma male, Delta male, Metrosexual male, High Quality Audio
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      The Voice: Christopher presents a wide range of vocal skills, ranging from your friendly guy-next-door to a powerful, serious movie trailer introduction. Whether you need to draw someone into another world with skillful characterization or deliver information quickly and efficiently, Christopher can be that voice for your project. Need a southern accent? A tough guy from New York or New Jersey? Mob boss? A smooth, classy British accent? Or your leading villain? Throw a curveball if you are looking for something new and fresh. He loves a challenge and does not mind sounding a little ridiculous if that is what the role calls for! Christopher can capture that Generation X or Generation Y sound you're looking for and uniquely adapt it to your movie trailer, video game, commercial, or radio ad. Explainer videos, mobile app advertisements, and e-learning are also a snap - Christopher can absorb technical terms quickly and deliver them like a pro! The Customer Service: Decades of one on one or collaborative team customer service has given Christopher a rare sense of respect and professionalism as well as the ability to multi-task and time manage. No matter how many projects he may be juggling at once, yours will always seem like it's the number one priority; you'll receive fast, efficient, and open communication, ample opportunities for direction and feedback, and a polished, finished product in record time. With fast turnaround times, your project will shoot to the forefront of the ever-closing windows of opportunity.

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