Doro, voice actor

Doro, voice actor

# KK57UUOBritish VO actor with a classically elegant and refined voice
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      Trained at Gary Terzza Vo masterclass Four years experience as a V O Actor, Vimeos, Video games, Commercial product videos, including Nike, Givenchy, Starbucks and Daimler. Corporate Award shows, e-Learning, Euro privacy Scheme Training Course for Auditors, Medical training courses ,including leading Pharmaceutical company's, Animation, Educational, Technical product videos, IVR's ,Front desk, Investments, GDPR, Apps and on-line video games. Produced narrated and edited 30 audio books. Thrillers, Sci-Fi, Mystery Romance, Murder Mysteries, Recipe books and a Viking series, currently selling on Amazon/Audible. Passion for communication and the written word, covering all genres and dialects giving voice to the myriad of rich characters I meet on the page .Own home studio and can produce edited files for sending by email/ Wetransfer. Can work on a fast turnaround and I love my work! I have a wide range of character voices and accents.

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      5(65 Reviews)
      Shawn S. -
      "Fun and quick, thanks."
      Mohammad j. -
      "It is perfect. I may need some revisions later."
      Richard P. -
      "Thank you! Doro is wonderful!"
      Richard P. -
      "Brilliant work and shockingly quite turnaround!"
      Ana Maria P. -
      "Excellent work as usual, can't congratulate Doro enough!"

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