Eli Thorne, voice actor

Eli Thorne, voice actor

# NFIQ2D0Flexible, fresh, modern and approachable British English.
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      My voice has been used for a whole variety of projects - from the business-like and assured tones for Volvo and Volkswagen, to young fresh and funky feel for Vodaphone and Sony Playstation. A serious and earnest tone for radio narration about war stories is also a part of resume, as is a hip club MC for Heineken. I can range from young to old, and take direction to allow for many many styles. Alluring to zany, I can do it. I have 20 years acting experience, including nearly 10 years experience in voice in particular. Previous clients include Sony, Heineken, Nike, Volkswagen, Samsung, XS4ALL, Vodaphone, and Google, not to mention French, Dutch and South Korean TV, museums, audio tours, and many more all over the world. The list goes on and on.

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