Grace Winpenny, voice actor

Grace Winpenny, voice actor

# 32CUVS74A friendly, articulate & sophisticated voiceover, a British female with a neutral English accent
4.9(30 reviews)
77 projects (last 365 days)
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      6 Years of experience within the Broadcasting Industry + Experience across a range of voice over projects, from video narration to e-learning, dubbing to advertising, IVR to audiobooks + Experience of acting on stage and on screen, as well as voice roles + A neutral English accent that appeals to a wide audience + High quality audio = a super voice over! I am confident I can produce a high quality voice over for you. Let's work together!

      Grace Winpenny's reviews

      4.9(30 reviews)
      Stephen B. -
      "High quality and professional as always from this artist."
      Simon Y. -
      "Nailed it... great job!"
      Stephen B. -
      "Simply great."
      Rene C. -
      "Excellent quality and ahead of schedule. Couldn't love you more."
      Catarina N. -
      "Grace is amazing."

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