Grace Winpenny, voice actor

Grace Winpenny, voice actor

# 32CUVS74A friendly, articulate & sophisticated voiceover, a British female with a neutral English accent
4.8(20 Reviews)
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      6 Years of experience within the Broadcasting Industry + Experience across a range of voice over projects, from video narration to e-learning, dubbing to advertising, IVR to audiobooks + Experience of acting on stage and on screen, as well as voice roles + A neutral English accent that appeals to a wide audience + High quality audio = a super voice over! I am confident I can produce a high quality voice over for you. Let's work together!

      Grace Winpenny's reviews

      4.8(20 Reviews)
      EmpowerTheUser -
      "Great job with a super quick turnaround!"
      Guido Alberto M. -
      "Great job, but there are any audio that suits me from the first version and audio that suits me from the second version. Is it possible to receive the finished files of both versions? thank you"
      Rafael Luis M. -
      "Fantastic. Great quality work and fast turnaround time. Very talented voice over actress"
      Sergio L. -
      "Good stuff!"
      Rafael Luis M. -
      "Fantastic job. Exellent turnaround time and very professional voice over actress. Nicely done!"

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