Gregg Gehringer, voice actor

Gregg Gehringer, voice actor

# B0DJFTKmy style's been called edgy and commanding.
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      Since 2004, I have been the voice of Nights with Alice Cooper on the United Stations Radio Network. I live in Tucson, Arizona and in addition to voiceovers, I do audio and video production for variety of clients worldwide.

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      4.9(827 reviews)
      Sergey O. -
      "A great professional that has fantastic voice-over delivery and fit our project requirements exactly!"
      John D. -
      "Fantastic job, love the work you do"
      Clint B. -
      "Excellent work again Greg! Thank you for the fast turn around during the holidays!"
      David D. -
      David D. -
      "Excellent work, as always!"