JACOB L. SKRAPKA, voice actor

JACOB L. SKRAPKA, voice actor

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      I'm a fast and efficient voice actor and I'd love to be the voice of your project. I have over 20 years of experience recording my voice for companies like Clearchannel Communications 640WGST Atlanta Silverbax Ent. Pure Origins Coffee and many more! I also have experience working in recording studios, as well as, live performances on stage. I provide voice over for: Radio/TV commercials Whiteboards E - Learning Animation ORDER NOW! Please note: I do not accept any work relating to religion/ Spirit-ism or politics of any kind. This includes campaign ads or holiday themes. I also do not accept work containing profanity or material considered "NSFW".

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      4.5(6 Reviews)
      Thayer R. -
      "Good stuff. The contest and auditions is a good service to help find the right actor. Thank you."
      Louis F. -
      Stephen J. -
      Rachel K. -
      soul s. -

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