Jason Deal, voice actor

Jason Deal, voice actor

# IBUG100Legally Blind, Creative, thinker with age-proof imagination
4.9(17 Reviews)
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      About Jason Deal

      As a legally-blind voice-over professional and songwriter, Jason is available for many different media projects. His voice is unique and has the versatility to become just the right sound for you. With a face to match, he’s available for on-camera work as well – bringing your perfect cool dad, edgy friend, trusted promoter, or businessman to life!

      Jason Deal's reviews

      4.9(17 Reviews)
      Jovan T. -
      "Brilliant, fast, amazing."
      Martin City M. -
      "Great job! EEXACTLY what I was looking for and completed in a very timely manor!"
      Eric P. -
      "High quality - fast and just what we asked for!"
      Michael S. -
      "Amazing, perfect. Well done!!!"
      TOMMASO P. -
      "really a great voice and a great job! "

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