Joanne, voice actor

Joanne, voice actor

# 2QMI0F7GBilingual, fluent in Chinese, Japanese, English and Korean
4.9(11 reviews)
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      • Bunny Pro for 2 years

        Bunny Pro for 2 years

        Has fulfilled 25 projects since 2021

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      Completed 2 voice over training to enter this exciting world. Delivered many Voice Over projects in various industries and in different voice ages in past several years. Received recognition for the good quality of work, timely and friendly response and professional customer service mind from many clients.

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      4.9(11 reviews)
      Mel C. -
      "Really love this VO - thank you for a quick and easy service. HIghly rated."
      Jason H. -
      "Awesome! Well done, thank you for your promptness and professionalism!"
      Davis R. -
      Davis R. -
      Andrzej Ś. -