Jonny Adams, voice actor

Jonny Adams, voice actor

# 31LI7KESProfessional American Male English and American Southern Cowboy voiceover
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      I’m a native Texan and voice actor with experience providing high quality audio recordings to all types of businesses and nonprofit organizations. I offer a wide range of vocal styles to meet any need. From deep, strong and authoritative or gritty, to mellow, smooth, and calm. My voice work has been featured on TV, radio, and internet. I have recorded content for PBR, Pluto TV, and a variety of large and small businesses.

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      5(10 Reviews)
      BRANDON K O. -
      "Perfect accent and delivery."
      Tobias M. -
      "Absolutely stellar performance. You really brought the character to life. You gave so many subtle layers to his personality that I want to write more dialogue for him, just to hear you perform."
      Cayleigh S. -
      John H. -
      Aaron H. -

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