Juliet Mayne, voice actor

Juliet Mayne, voice actor

# LUKJ998I am a bright, friendly, well-spoken English female
4.8(30 reviews)
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        Bunny Pro for 5 years

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      I have been a radio presenter for twelve years, working across many commercial stations such as Heart, JACK fm and Sam FM. I've worked as a voiceover for Vodafone and HSBC as the voice of their online training and have done hundreds of voiceover projects including commercials, imaging and training videos. I have good diction, am well-spoken and am happy to do any voiceover task asked of me! Please just drop me a line if you have any questions.

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      4.8(30 reviews)
      Richard J. -
      "Juliet listens very well to instructions and has, again, performed to a high, professional standard."
      Richard J. -
      "Great performance. Works well to instructions."
      Richard J. -
      "Fast turnaround and followed instructions very well. Very high quality VO."
      Olivia -
      "Very solid work thank you!"
      Miguel M. -
      "All great!"