Kade Murdock, voice actor

Kade Murdock, voice actor

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        Bunny Pro for 8 years

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      Kade Murdock, a 29-year-old voiceover artist with optic nerve hypoplasia, has made a name for herself through her exceptional vocal talents. Despite being born completely blind, she has contributed her versatile voice to a wide range of digital content, including Spotify promotions, product videos, cartoons, and video games. In addition to her work in these mediums, Kade has lent her skills to four online radio stations as a DJ and imaging voice. Drawing from her experience as the eldest of six siblings, she specializes in creating child-friendly characters that resonate with audiences. Her vocal range encompasses a variety of accents, ages, and personalities, showcasing her impressive adaptability. Kade has been passionate about vocal production, audio editing, and media since the age of 12, and her talents extend to podcasting and phone IVR systems. With a vast array of characters in her repertoire, Kade's unique voice is sure to elevate and perfect any project to which she contributes.

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      4.9(220 reviews)
      Alicia A. -
      "Keighty did absolutely fantastic. We had a short script with just a couple of characters, but they magically transformed partway through, and Keighty gave them different voices to show off the transformation. Perfect attention to detail and consistency with the script. Thanks so much for your work!!!"
      Ryan S. -
      "Excellent, thank you!! "
      SEA -
      "Thank you very much for your quick feedback and look forward to our next cooperation."
      yingmiao -
      "Kade is awesome, thank you very much."
      Dan B. -
      "Thanks Kade!"

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