Lauren Sadowsky, voice actor

Lauren Sadowsky, voice actor

# 2P8QR4GKA young vibrant, melodic, voice that is flexible.
4.9(26 Reviews)
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      As a voice actor, I have now worked for BunnyStudio for well over a year and completed 300+ projects. I very much enjoy what I do and offer a variety of different options with my voice when it comes to pitch, age, and tonality. I am very flexible and happy to meet the needs of any of my clients to the best of my ability, and look forward to working with many more in future.

      Lauren Sadowsky's reviews

      4.9(26 Reviews)
      Julian M D. -
      "Great response; got immediate answer !"
      Eric B. -
      "Great job! Client loves it!"
      Nicholas A. -
      "Great job thank you"
      Alexandra O. -
      "This was our first time working with this Pro and she did a great job! We're looking forward to working with her again in the future!"
      Brian L. -
      "Awesome work!!!!!"

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