Leslie Dancey, voice actor

Leslie Dancey, voice actor

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      From the moment a project engages me, the client becomes my #1 priority; they receive 100 of my focus as I make sure that I am readily available for them and will not rest until they are satisfied! If you're looking for a broadcast quality voice over with VIP service, look no further...you've come to the right place! Having both professional home and portable studios allows me to provide audio tracks within a short time frame while my skills and experience ensure that they are consistently of high quality. I am very passionate about what I do and I deliver result-oriented, deadline-driven work with a positive attitude and a smile on my face! What is my goal That’s easy! To help you get your message across in the best way possible...and to have fun in the process!! HIGHLIGHTS: Leslie has a dynamic voice with a smooth, energetic tone that is highly versatile and creative. Her “girl next door” vibe is sure to capture the attention and trust of your target audience, while her limitless imagination continually digs up new and interesting characters, which often results in her providing multiple voices for a single project. Having voiced, and produced, over 70 educational e-learning training videos, Leslie proves she is also able to handle even the most complicated technical reads, to ensure the proper message and tone is conveyed and delivered. Leslie is also an accomplished music recording artist who will soon be releasing her debut album for which she has had the amazing opportunity to work with, and learn from, some of the world’s finest producers, engineers, mixers, master’s, vocalists and musicians inside some of the most famous music production studios in the world. Her on-going voice training with world-renowned vocalist (most known for her touring work with Sarah McLachlan) continually keeps Leslie physically and mentally prepared for any vocal adventures that come her way. Leslie also has video production, editing and writing experience and has trained under the guidance of an Academy Award nominated producer; these experiences have not only aided Leslie in developing a knack for processing directorial notes but it also allows her to collaborate with teams, both creatively and technically, from all aspects of audio & video production. Leslie can record voice work, as well as high quality music and sound effects, from anywhere on the map. Let Leslie help you with: ✪ E-Learning ✪ Animated Characters ✪ Self-Help & Meditation ✪ TV Commercials ✪ Corporate Video ✪ Apps ✪ Podcasts ✪ In-Store Advertising ✪ Radio Commercials ✪ Audio Books ✪ Webcasts ✪ Kiosks ✪ Explainer Videos ✪ Voice-activated gagdets/toys ✪ Station Imaging ✪ Telephone Greetings/Messages/IVR ✪ E-Commerce ✪ Product and Sales Tutorials ✪ Audio Tours ✪ Website Audio ✪ Point-of-Sale Presentations ✪ Safety Management Teachings ✔ Looking for options Leslie is: Animated, Approachable, Announcer, Articulate, Authoritative, Believable, Bright, Calm, Casual, Cheerful, Classy, Clear, Comforting, Considerate, Compassionate, Confident, Controlled, Conversational, Convincing, Corporate, Canadian, Dependable, Educated, Encouraging, Engaging, Enthusiastic, Executive, Formal Friendly, Fun, Gentle, Genuine, Guiding, Happy, Honest, Hopeful, Informative, Intelligent, Inviting, Inspirational, Instructive, Kid-Friendly, Kind, Knowledgeable, Lecture, Likable, Mature, Merciful, Natural, Nice, Optimistic, Personable, Positive, Professional, Real, Refreshing, Relaxed, Relevant, Reliable, Seasoned,Sincere, Smart,Smooth, Social, Soft, Soothing, Teaching,Trustworthy, Understanding, Unflappable, Scientific, Versatile, Warm, Wise Education THE CAMILLE HENDERSON PRO VOCAL STUDIO Working one-on-one with a world-renowned vocal coach, Camille Henderson, who is most recognized for her many years of world tour vocal work with Sarah McLachlan. “Voice Over” with Katherine Billings “Improvisation” with Ana DeLara Production and “Working with Directors” with Academy Award nominee, Louie Lawless ADOBE MAX LABS & SESSIONS – Los Angeles, CA Selective Training Highlights: “Getting Great Audio Mixes with Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe Audition CC” Instructor: Jason Levine “Creating Music. Creating Video. Bringing It Together with Creative Cloud” Instructor: Jason Levine