Meredith S., voice actor

Meredith S., voice actor

# 74KD320Cute, bubbly, energetic or shy mid-range young adult female.
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      Meredith Sims Voice Over Credits, Animation: Snowdrop, Snowdrop , Silly Filly Animation Studios Fluttershy, Twilight the Unicorn, Silly Filly Animation Studios Spinda and Cubchoo, Pokémon Shaming, Silly Filly Animation Studios Blossom, Double Rainboom, FlamingoRich Productions Twilight Sparkle, Fighting is Magic, Mane6 Video Game Productions Grassy Fields and Additional Voices, Legends of Equestria, LoE Video Game Productions Fluttershy, Chip of Discord, Duo Cartoonist Lily, Short Film: The Director, Tales of Nalstone Lily, Short Film: The Demo Reel, Tales of Nalstone Lily, Lily Sells Nuggets, Tales of Nalstone Twilight Sparkle, My Little Classics: Gaming is Magic, Yudhaikeledai Wildfire, Wildfire’s Road Rage, Alligator in the Tub Productions Tai Saito, Starswirl Academy, Zap-Apple Productions Female Vocalist, Pixels, DongleKumquat Productions Voice Over Credits, Commercial: Female Voice, Youmacon 2014 Advertisement, Youmacon Female Voice , Crystal Mountain Pony Con Advertisement, Crystal Mountain Pony Con Stage Theater Credits: Drizella, Cinderella, LN Stage Productions Mrs. Webb, Our Town, LN Stage Productions Alice, Up the Down Staircase, LN Stage Productions Training: Theater Study / Musical Theatre / Jazz / Voice & Diction / Vocal Variances/Accents: English Language / French Language / Midwestern Accent / Southern Accent / British Accent / French Accent / Young girl/ Young Boy / Teenage Girl / Teenage Boy / Young Adult Female / Animal Sounds / Voice Match – Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy My Little Pony Vocal Range: Alto/Mezzo-Soprano: F3 or E below, E5 above 2 octaves plus a little over

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      4.8(268 reviews)
      Bendystraw -
      "With fairly light direction on the character they would be, Meredith nailed it first try. Excellent at adding in tone shifts and changes without direction based on the script."
      tony -
      "So great! Please remember this feeling and keep it the next time you record for us,thank you!"
      maeve -
      "Thank you so much! This is the second time that we work together, the quality of the voice is very good as always. And respond really fast. Hope you have a good day!"
      tony -
      "I just saw you put our project “witchy witch” on your page,and we don't want voices in our game out of our game,can you please remove that"
      maeve -
      "Well done! Thank you for your efficient and qualified work! Really love it!"