Owen Tiedeken, voice actor

Owen Tiedeken, voice actor

# 31FAFC10I have found that in these trying times, a modicum of eloquence and decorum go a long way.
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      I am an individual who is simply trying to make his way in the world. I have always been told, time and again, by students, teachers, family, friends, etc, that I have a flair for the dramatic and a voice made for radio and television. I have been told that I could fit right in to any point in American history, and that my choice of wardrobe is "unique." (Top hats, bowlers, suits, heavy woolen coats, powdered wigs, etc.) I do not have an incredible resume. In fact, I barely have one at all. The most I can say is that I was trained by the wonderful instructors at Edge Studio in NYC, who also assisted in composing my voice over demo. In addition, I used to orate sermons every Sunday in church during my time in the Army to a massive room filled with my fellow soldiers and superior officers. I have also lent my voice to a published audiobook of gothic poetry on Audible, known as Night Tales: Poetry from Beyond. Rest assured, I promise that I will never disappoint, no matter what role I am given.

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