Matthew J. Plumb, voice actor

Matthew J. Plumb, voice actor

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      Matthew J. Plumb was born and raised in the East of England in the United Kingdom. Having lived on and off in North America since he was 18, and also living in various states, cities and countries for almost 25 years, he now calls America home. After attending the Colorado Film School and graduating with honors he has taken to a career in film, video, radio, and video games. Starting his film career working on commercials and TV shows as a PA, Art Dept & Location Management, he is now a successful SAG voice over artist and Actor. Matthew, who has represented major companies like: Ferrari, Ducati, Nike, the NFL, HBO, Shakespeare's Globe, IBM and ESPN to name a few. He has also used his talents in feature films (Hush Money, Ava{Infrared Dreams}Plight {upcoming}), short films (Midnight run, Together, Rations & Black Book), Video Games (Wendigo: evil within, Cinema Rosa), narration (Love Of The Wild season 1, Game Of Thrones-Bleed For The Throne), audio books, trailers, TV and Radio commercials (The Town Of Vail, ESPN F1), internet, educational and documentaries. Working in many British and North American dialects, he is also able to present as Australian, South African and Scottish (standard Scottish English) as well as a vast array of characters. As his first major role in a feature is preparing for release, Matthew continues to educate and build skill on sets and in booths alike.​

      Matthew J. Plumb's reviews

      5(6 Reviews)
      René Da R. -
      "Many thanks for your work! We will check now with our client. BR René"
      Dee -
      "5 stars"
      René Da R. -
      "For me it is ok, thank you, but I have to check with my customer....."
      Christina Z. -
      "Perfect. Thank you!"
      Jackie D. -
      "Great work and great turnaround time!!"

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