Sara Ess, voice actor

Sara Ess, voice actor

# TBJ58DSClear, concise, conversational voice over work.
4.8(197 reviews)
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        Bunny Pro for 4 years

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      Sara comes from a technical background, working in the IT industry in a medical environment. Her background helps her translate complex verbiage in a way that is understandable and conversational. She can help you achieve your goal of imparting your material, no matter how technical, in an approachable way.

      Sara Ess's reviews

      4.8(197 reviews)
      andy c. -
      "Awesome job again Sara!"
      andy c. -
      "Amazing work. It was exactly what I was looking for. You brought my character to life."
      Leonardo M. -
      "Great job!"
      David A. -
      "Great read on the first try from Sara - and the Bunny Managers were super helpful in helping me sort out the project with the first Bunny Pro I tried to book, who was not up to snuff."
      Chat O. -
      "Sara did a great job! Many thanks!"