Steve Lott, voice actor

Steve Lott, voice actor

# ERBBPR4Approachably authoritative, from calm and smooth, to bold as
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      I come with some depth. I am man of interests and passions, with an endless yearn to learn. I hold an interesting myriad of degrees. A Bachelors in Business, an Associates in IT, a Fine Arts Associates in Music Technology. From blue collar beginnings I am the American every-man. Centered and down to earth most tolerable people like me. I was raised in the Florida backwoods, on the outskirts of Metropolitan sprawl. A wonderful place where you hear every accent in America on a regular basis, and quite few foreign ones, quite the sound tapestry. It had me listening and mimicking voices both strange and strong. I have done radio commercials. I am interested in all aspects of voice from Animation or Game Characters to Audio Books and Textbooks. I record full bands in an old brick church. My mic closet is teaming. Neumann U87, Neumann BCM 705, AT 4050, EV RE1000, and on it goes around 40 mics I like. Plus a few I only use if outside. With forties vintage flavors, that are too old to promise they will still work , and lots of workhorses. My primary A/D is Matt Newport fourth generation FM192 modded with a super clock. If you hand me a CAD mic I will ask if you want me to hold a soup can over my ear. I can give you something serious or fun.