Thierry Borges Patrick, voice actor

Thierry Borges Patrick, voice actor

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      About Thierry Borges Patrick

      Hi, I'm a French and Portuguese Voice Artist/Talent. Both French and Portuguese are my antive languages. C2 (European CEFR Level) in English. Complete knowledge of studio workflow (recording/mixing/mastering) and owner of a home studio. Home-studio set-up; Avid Digidesign 003 Audio Interface, Golden Age Premier PREQ-73 mic preamp, AKG C314 Mic, Avid Pro Tools 12 DAW. My list of clients include (to name a few); City SightSeeing (Tour Audioguide Moscow World Cup 2018), SkillSoft (E-Learning), Purell (Web Promo Video), Elodie Nowodazkij (Audible Published Author), Bending Spoons (StoryTelling App), Digital Tangible SL (Audioguide Museum of Llivia), Myprotein France (Web Promo Video), Ratio International (Web Promo Video), Giorgio Graesan (Web Promo Video), AtFarm (Web Promo Video), GoNitely (Web Promo Video), TrendHim (Web Promo Video), Eben Pagan (E-Learning Course), TMP Group (E-Learning Course), Deeply (Web Promo VIdeo), Amorim Cork Group (Web Promo Video), Prime IT (Web Promo Video) Looking forward to work with you.

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