Adrienne Lavalley

voice talent

Adrienne Lavalley's Personal Information

Adrienne Lavalley is a voice talent from New York, United States. As a voice talent Adrienne has specialized in voice overs for Phone systems and Commercials / Advertising.

Adrienne's preferred voice language is English - North America.

His voice over range in terms of Age and Gender include Female | Senior voice, Female | Middle age voice and Female | Young adult voice.

Adrienne Lavalley's most recent jobs have been working in Third Star Films feature 'Hell's Heart' as a voice talent from 2014. Also, in 2016 he worked as a Co-Founder/ Producer/ Actress for LaGab Group until now.

Adrienne's most recent roles include:

His role as Helen in the The Unforgiven Short from 2019, his role as Rebekah in the Beautiful Flowers Short from 2017 and his role as Polygraph Administrator in the Quantico TV Series from 2016.

Adrienne Lavalley's Voice

  • English - North America
Gender and Age
  • Female | Senior
  • Female | Middle age
  • Female | Young adult

Adrienne Lavalley's Experience and skills

  • Actress: Lisa Moreau
    Third Star Films feature 'Hell's Heart'
    2014 Current

  • Co-Founder/ Producer/ Actress
    LaGab Group
    2016 Current

  • The Unforgiven (Short)

  • Beautiful Flowers (Short)

  • Quantico (TV Series)
    Polygraph Administrator

University at Buffalo