Noah Antwiler

voice talent

Noah Antwiler's Personal Information

Noah Antwiler is a voice talent from Illinois, United States born in December 27, 1980.

Noah's preferred voice language is English - North America.

His voice over range in terms of Age and Gender include Male | Senior voice and Male | Young adult voice.

Noah's coworkers consider that his skills lie in Video Production, Video Games and Video Editing. Noah Antwiler's most recent jobs have been working in The Spoony Experiment as a voice talent from 2004. Also, in 2008 he worked as a Producer for Channel Awesome until now.

Noah's most recent roles include:

His role as Turner in the Shot on Shitteo TV Series from 2016, his role as Terl in the Awesome Build TV Series from 2016 and his role as The Spoony One / Dr. Insano / The Guardian / .. in the The Spoony Experiment from 2016.

Noah Antwiler's Voice

  • English - North America
Gender and Age
  • Male | Senior
  • Male | Young adult

Noah Antwiler's Experience and skills

  • Video Production,
  • Video Games,
  • Video Editing

  • Owner
    The Spoony Experiment
    2004 Current

  • Producer
    Channel Awesome
    2008 2012

  • Shot on Shitteo

  • Awesome Build (TV Series)

  • The Spoony Experiment (TV Series)
    The Spoony One / Dr. Insano / The Guardian / ..

Arizona State University