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Launching a new podcast series? Grow your listeners with keyword-searchable podcast summaries written by genre-specific writers.

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Most podcast summaries are dull and only scratch the surface

Summarizing each podcast episode is tedious work. Some writers take the shortcut and create podcast summaries without listening to the entire episode. You want to get rid of:

  • Copy-paste sentence compilations that don't represent the full context
  • Dull and flat podcast descriptions that don't sell
  • Podcast summaries that lack searchable keywords
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Bunny Studio takes the pain out of podcast summary writing

Receive all-encompassing podcast summaries that gel together your entire episode's content. Work with pre-vetted writers who can sell your podcast in writing.

  • Get mistake-free podcast summaries checked for plagiarism
  • On-time delivery to meet every episode release
  • Podcast summaries that appeal to your target audience
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Entice new subscribers with accurately represented podcast summaries

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