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Reaching new foreign markets? Localize your content anywhere with over 5,000 pre-vetted voice artists in more than 100 languages and accents.

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Dubbing guarantees a global reach—but unprofessional work will get you lost in translation

You need to speak with international audiences, without losing the essence of your original content. But it's often a challenge to find native voice artists to dub with accuracy while meeting cultural and local expectations. You want to get rid of:

  • Losing cultural nuances due to amateur linguist services
  • Cumbersome search for expert native voice artists and translators
  • Relying on multiple providers for different languages and voices
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Bunny Studio provides accurate dubbing services with native speakers

Make your video content relatable to worldwide market segments with true-to-meaning dubbing services. Our translations follow rigorous linguistic guidelines, as well as local and cultural expectations, so the adapted content is always true to the original.

  • Get quality-vetted audio for dubbing projects recorded in professional studios
  • Hire native voice artists specialized in dubbing to deliver well-paced audio
  • Access over 100 languages and accents—all from the same supplier
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Distribute your content with reliable dubbing services

How it works

Ready to start? Here's how in 3 simple steps.

Starting at USD $170 for a 1-minute dubbing from English to Spanish

Turnaround: 5 days for a 1-minute dubbing

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