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What is freelance writing?

Freelance writers are self-employed authors who usually work for more than one employer. When requiring written content, businesses and other entities might employ freelance writers to provide them with the written material needed. Freelance writers can specialize by format (e.g., web content, white paper, advertising, etc.) and subject (e.g., culture, science, architecture, fiction, etc.). For highly specialized content, even businesses that employ full-time writers (marketing, for example) will often hire freelancers to fulfill their special needs. Bunny Studio maintains relationships with the most talented and qualified writers on the market, including content writers, ghostwriters, copywriters, and authors able to produce continuing blog posts. Our freelance writers must meet our quality standards and be highly praised by clients. As they usually specialize in varied subjects and formats, our writer profiles highlight their specialties. Feel free to browse our writers to find the one whose skills and experience best fit your needs.

How much should I pay a freelance writer?

The rates you will pay depend on your project's technical requirements and needs, as well as the freelance writer's qualifications and experience. For example, the rates given by some writers will consider fees paid to a team of editors and copy editors. On the contrary, others will only include the written content in their rates and use their best efforts to satisfy the editorial standards of a project. Bunny Studio provides businesses and individuals with an estimated quote based on their project needs and some key information, such as required word count. Bunny Studio's quotes for ghostwriters, blog writers, essay writers, etc., will always include full services from our talented and seasoned editors.

What are the types of freelance writing services available?

At Bunny Studio, we support all types of freelance writing needs, including ghostwriters, blog posts or blog writers, essay writers, content writers, copywriters, and much more. The Bunny Studio Writing page presents an overview of the different freelance writing services we offer. If you have a project that falls outside of the scope of services described on the website, no worries; our team is happy to help you find, manage, and work with the freelance writer you need.

How much does written content cost and how long does it take?

Working with Bunny Studio freelancers ensures unbeatable prices and top-notch quality deliverables. We work with the best freelance writers on the market, and all our projects include expert editorial services to ensure that deliverables satisfy our high quality standards. In addition to the rigorous process our projects, our turnaround times are beyond compare since we negotiate them with the writer before initiating the actual writing. This helps avoid recurrent deadline extension requests from slower writers or submitting poorly edited materials. When you work with our freelance writers, you'll always know in advance when to expect your deliverables, even before the actual content writing starts. Our team is happy to help you with projects requiring quicker turnaround times, without threatening our high-quality standards Bunny Studio customers are accustomed to.

How to hire a freelance writer?

Depending on your needs, it could be difficult to hire a freelance writer sometimes. It's a process that can involve:

  • Getting quotes

  • Reviewing numerous samples and references.

  • Needing a whole team to edit and check the written text for content and grammatical accuracy, and so on. Whether you need to hire a ghostwriter for a longer-term book publication project or an essay writer for an instant undertaking, the two most important actions you need to take is checking out references from the freelance writer's previous employers, as well as evaluating their past works to guarantee they match your requirements. Bunny Studio helps you eliminate the speculative aspects and administrative duties from hiring a freelance writer. Our freelance writers have to fulfill minimum technical requirements in their area of specialization and have a positive track record with previous clients. Our editors will review any written content submitted by them for accuracy before delivering them to you. And even better, in case something fails to fulfill your expectations, you can request unlimited revisions within the scope of the project until your requirements are fully satisfied..

Amílcar Ortega

Amílcar Ortega


What's included:

  • turnaround time
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Full ownership of usage rights
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Peace of mind for you
  • Quality-controlled
  • Bunny speed!