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Bunny Studio

The world’s only project fulfillment platform providing over 100 fully-managed creative services.

We work with top 4% global professionals to deliver voice overs, audio, and video services in over 100 languages & accents.

Why Bunny Studio?

Top 4% global creatives

12-hour turnaround

Centralized workflow & invoicing

Transparent pricing & 2-min orders

Money-back guarantee & unlimited revisions

Full ownership rights

Our brand values

Critical thinkers

We are customer-centric problem solvers who are always up for a challenge.

Continuous learners

We are crazy about self-development and take ownership in learning from every failure, feedback, and victory.

Creative adaptation

We are a leader in the digital marketplace because we constantly seek opportunities where others see risks.

Credibly accountable

We are empowered by the trust and confidence our stakeholders place in us and take responsibility for every outcome.

Collaborative assertiveness

We communicate proactively and contribute ideas and opinions towards the success of our stakeholders.

Commitment to excellence

We are dedicated to raising the bar in making every user experience exceptionally memorable.

The Bunny Studio story

Creative content is the kingdom of digital age. But buying niche skills from a global marketplace comes with the caveat of questionable quality, price bargaining, and unrelenting back-and-forth with your seller.

By founding Bunny Studio in 2019, we got rid of all of that.

Bunny Studio combined patented technology with best-in-the-industry talents to make content creation a wonderfully painless experience.

More than voice overs

An expansion from formally-known VoiceBunny, our project fulfillment platform is a powerhouse of over 100 fully-managed creative services and 100 languages and accents.

As a technophilic remote company, we also render developers and agencies unrivaled capabilities to scale audio ads, video production, and voice over on demand through our unique API integration.

Our motive as craft-driven creators is clear -deliver speed, ingenuity, and accountability to henceforth simplify the enigma of working with freelancers.

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”Bunny Studio’s dedicated Production Management team are the icing on the cake to helping us scale our business at speed!”

When looking for a creative solution, not only were we looking for a service that could meet our tight deadlines, but also one that could deliver exceptionally high quality creatives. Their easy-to-use product and dedicated Production Management team are the icing on the cake to helping us scale our business at speed!

Justin Ohanessian
Justin Ohanessian

Director at AdsWizz

”Bunny Studio’s customer service is exceptional”

Bunny Studio’s customer service is exceptional. No matter the size of the project, I always receive top quality service and speedy deliverables. The response time from the Bunny team and the information and service provided during the voicing process saves me valuable time in each and every project

Oda Berntsen
Oda Berntsen

Project Manager at Attensi

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