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Employ Bunny Studio’s localization and accessibility services to engage with diverse audiences across the globe. Our services include:

• Full buyout rights

• Copyright protected

• Unlimited revisions

• Money-back guarantee


Get dialogue audio replaced with lip-synchronized speech in a different language, starting from USD 75 to 186 per min.


Get well-timed speech-to-text translation or transcription, starting from USD 12.50 to 19 per min.


Get written content converted into another language by native-speaking writers, starting from USD 0.12 to 0.17 per word.


Get contextually accurate translations of your written copy adapted with localized nuances, starting from USD 0.13 to 0.30 per word.

Closed captions

Get well-timed text displaying transcripts of speech and description of audio, starting from USD 7 to 16 per min.

Audio descriptions

Get a voice over recording audio file describing on-screen scenes, starting from USD 26 to 75 per min.

Experience our production pieces

Chinese subtitles

Animation film – Cosmos Laundromat First Cycle Official Blender Foundation release with Chinese subtitles.

Japanese subtitles

Animation film – Cosmos Laundromat First Cycle Official Blender Foundation release with Japanese subtitles.

Spanish closed captions

Animation film – Elephant’s dream closed captions

Spanish audio description

Animation film – Elephants dream with Spanish audio description

English dubbing

Documentary – Especista (original in Spanish) with US English dubbing

German dubbing

Documentary – Especista (original in Spanish) with German dubbing

Premiere your productions anywhere in the world

Expand your reach with a pre-vetted global network of native-speaking translators & voice artists. Our translations follow rigorous linguistic guidelines, as well as local and cultural expectations, so the adapted content is always true to the original.

Accurate input language to target language

Dubbing by experienced TV and film professionals

Receive quality-checked work reviewed by industry experts

Keep budgets under control with upfront prices

Production takes a lot of moving parts, and costs can easily add up because of abandoned projects and quality reworks. Our risk-free policy secures your investment’s success.

Instant & transparent quotes

Full buyout rights, money-back guarantee, and unlimited revisions

Choose from a range of secure payment methods

Get accurately translated content with the highest acting quality

Inaccurate translations and poor vocal delivery can dilute or miscommunicate your original message. Our pre-vetting process ensures an on-point adaptation no matter your genre.

Choose voices from a range of genders, ages, and personalities

True-to-character vocal delivery

Fully-managed projects mean no wasted time on task coordination

Comply with technical standards and local requirements

We deliver picture and sound quality requirements that adhere to your distributor’s technical standards (TV broadcast, cinema, video, and streaming platforms). Our compliance editors assess and fit your content to the specifications of any global regions.

✔ Meet technical quality standards for different broadcasters

✔ Receive work reviewed by expert compliance editors

✔ Get film and audiovisual content ready for licensed use, anywhere

Producers love Bunny Studio

“The wide variety of voices and accents make a notable difference. My project is now one step higher than the others. Thanks, Bunny Studio for the professionalism, pricing, and commitment to the projects.”

Daniel García
Producer at Oso Films

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Enjoy 20% off at Marché du Film

Book a call with us to schedule a meeting at the event, and get 20% off any of our services from 17th to 23rd of May.

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Scaling localization as a distributor?

We outsource creative services for localization and audiovisual projects at competitive prices and lightning speed turnaround times.

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