• In 2012 we started in a niche market:

    We created a platform where clients could be matched with voice actors. This was created during a weekend hackathon by our founders Alex Torrenegra, Tania Zapata, and Luis Molina. Our first service was known as VoiceBunny. With VoiceBunny our goal was to create an API to get voices

  • We realized that we were tapping into a need from both the client and the talent side

    For the client to search for talent to fulfil their projects within tight timeframes.

    For talents to be able to showcase their work online and not be dependent on agents to find work

  • Our mission is to team up the world’s best creatives

  • Through work, quality and connections

    We strongly believe that we are adding our share to this growing global society where economic opportunities are created and in the end, impact 1 billion people

  • By using technology as an engine for creative outsourcing

    We were able to create an online marketplace where you can pick and choose the parts for your creative projects: your script, blog, animation, design, voice-over, video, motion graphics and have these translated or dubbed in any language. All of this, without having to go through several digital hoops or processes without compromising quality

    Our business model is different. Maybe unique

    We’re very upfront and transparent. You’ll get exactly what you asked for when you asked for it. We have expert customer experience associates in charge of ensuring that projects are always delivered on time. Before a client receives their deliverables, they’re checked and double-checked by seasoned quality control professionals in each service category

  • It’s all 24/7. No ifs. Or buts. Together, we’re a remarkable team, so tell us what you want and we hop to it!

    Our team can take care of the entire production and quality control of your projects and complete them within the timeframe you need them