What is “The Q Review”?

Innovation is the application of technologies to solve problems. Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea transform into a brilliant innovation.

At Bunny Studio, we exist for our “people”-our clients, partners, creators, and employees. More than anything, we strive to make their lives easier. So every 4 months or so, we sit down with our people and listen. All so we can launch tech bump-ups that solve their everyday problems, no matter how trivial.

Kind of like your phone or computer’s software upgrades, the Q(-uarter) review celebrates and informs you of all the new releases, features, and upgrades we have rolled out for our users in the last 4 months. As 2022 rolls to a close, here’s a recap of what’s spanking new this quarter.


Bunny Studio Workspaces 3.1

What is it?

Newly launched in just February this year, Bunny Studio Workspaces allows multiple collaborators access to the same console of ongoing projects. The feature enables company teams to approve or request a revision, make payments, and make changes, based on granted permission rights, allowing the clients teams to work together and get everyone on the same page.

Our latest release of the 3.1 version takes it up a notch by allowing users to join and manage more than one workspace:

  • Join, collaborate, and manage multiple Workspaces.
  • Add and manage multiple credit cards within the same account
  • Filter projects by date, ID, and transactions.


What did we solve?

Bunny Studio Workspaces gives project leaders (owners) a manageable chain of command with fewer dependencies. Our latest release of the 3.1 version allows larger companies to better organize, manage, and oversee budgets and projects, and lead all collaborations through a single user.

In other words, it allows big brands to grow their teams collaboratively while scaling projects with Bunny Studio. Our multinational clients have been setting up different Workspaces for each of their offices worldwide. Alternatively, you can create and assign Workspaces for different functional departments.


Bunny Pro profile badges

What are they?

They appear on Bunny Pro profile pages -our badge system ranks talents by quality, speed, and experience! Here’s a low-down on what they mean:

  • Top-tier badges –A Golden Bunny Pro is ranked in the top 2%, and a Silver Bunny Pro is ranked top 10% in our global database of talents. These achievements are awarded based on Bunny Pro statistics on speed and quality.
  • Quick responder badge – A Bunny Pro with this badge consistently is among the fastest 25% of talents to accept and take on projects.
  • Years as Bunny Pro badge – This badge displays the years that the Bunny Pro has been actively delivering projects on our platform. Bunny Pros with this badge.


What did we solve?

With over 13,000 Bunny Pros offering over 100 services, we know booking a Bunny Pro for your project with confidence can be daunting, even with our pre-vetted network. By awarding badges, we help clients make better decisions quicker, based on the needs of their project, be it speed or quality!


Bunny Pro status display

What is it?

With this newly released feature, clients can see the Bunny Pro’s availability when booking projects. You will see one of the following statuses on the Bunny Pro profile and sample pages:

  • Active – The Bunny Pro is actively accepting projects and most likely has a faster response time.
  • Away – The Bunny Pro has manually set some time off on the platform, and you will be able to see when they return back.
  • Unavailable – The Bunny Pro has either been inactive for a while or has been banned by us due to quality issues. We are uncertain when or if they will be available again.


What did we solve?

You don’t want to be waiting on a Bunny Pro when your deadline is quickly approaching! This feature stops Bunny Pro cancellations and slow revision times caused by unavailability. The status display lets our clients know what to expect and which talents to avoid when booking time-sensitive projects.


Category search pages

Our all-new category search pages let you skim through samples quickly and filter Bunny Pros by language and purpose! You can now browse through samples related to your project in just a few clicks. Check them out in the links below:

What did we solve?

With the expansion of our platform comes the need to make our services easily navigatable. Our user-friendly category search pages give you a one-glance, view of all samples related to what you’re looking for. This upgrade speeds up the process of hunting down the right Bunny Pro for a booking project.


Payments 2.0

What is it?

Our latest 2.0 version release on the payments and balance page adds more flexibility to make budget management within organizations and teams easier:

  • Add and pay with multiple credit cards.
  • Split your payments according to your available budgets.
  • Filter and find transactions fast.


What did we solve?

As a scalable platform with growing global clients, our new payment features help department heads authorize and manage expenses better based on their quarterly or monthly cash flow allowance. Our clients can now easily track expenditures and prevent overspending and use their balance regardless of the amount left.


Stay tuned for our next edition, and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn to keep up to date with our new releases. And if you have any suggestions on how we can make our platform better, reach out to us. We’re all ears!