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Learn everything you need to know about Gig Economy, a global market system that we lead, where flexible jobs are commonplace, and companies hire independent workers and freelancers.

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benefits of diversity in the workplace

Benefits of Diversity in the Workplace

These days, being forward-looking is about much more than implementing new technologies. In fact, there’s definitely a strong case for the primary importance of the

side hustle meaning

Side Hustle Meaning: Just What is It?

The gig economy has a little something for everyone. But, still, going all-in on being a remote, self-employed professional is not everyone’s cup of tea.

freelance rate calculator

Freelance Rate Calculator

Understanding what your time and skills are worth and determining your hourly rate can be quite challenging tasks. After all, there is no standard freelance

gig economy trends

Gig Economy Trends

The gig economy provides a growing opportunity for workers and businesses alike. And while it is developing extremely quickly, there are some valuable insights in

gig economy statistics

Gig Economy Statistics

Gig Economy Statistics Nowadays, people are no longer flipping through newspaper pages to look for jobs. Instead, many use their phones or computers to access

Benefits of the gig economy for workers

Benefits of the Gig Economy for Workers

It’s no surprise that we’re pretty enthusiastic about the future of the gig economy over here. Honestly, we feel it’s changing business for the better.

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