3D audio alone is already a big deal. It’s fascinating how sound can exist all around you, and companies are using this knowledge to launch successful marketing campaigns using 3D audio commercials.

It’s especially fascinating when you realize that 3D audio isn’t even real.

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The History of 3D Audio Commercials

Here are the most relevant facts about 3D audio:

  • It’s also called binaural sound.
  • You can only hear 3D audio songs on headphones.
  • 3D audio is not new.

The phenomenon has been around for longer than you think. BBC started using binaural audio in the 1970s, but it had existed long before that. Modern technology has made it much easier to create 3D audio songs. In fact, a lot of YouTube channels have a collection of 3D audio music which they create by applies the relevant effects to already existing audio.

It’s more or less the same as surround sound; the placement of multiple speakers in such a way that the listener feels the audio all around them.

Listening to 3D audio, you’ll feel like the sound is coming from sources all around you, all placed at varying distances. The audio will not just be coming from a specific point on your left ear; you will feel it coming from your entire left side.

Now, this might just be an illusion, but 3D audio commercials have very real effects:

It puts the audience in the center

With 3D audio, all the attention is focused on you, the listener. You are the star of the show, with the sound coming from all around you and not just your left and right sides.

For marketers, this is a gold mine.

3D audio commercials are powerful because they transport the listener to another dimension. You can craft your ad to take the consumer to vacation in the Maldives, or you can use 3D audio to make them feel like they are inside the car of their dreams.

You can do more than sell your message with 3D audio commercials, you can bring it to life; literally pull the listener into a world you have created for them.

3d audio commercials for freelancers

Audio is not dead

People have been saying radio is dead since the invention of the TV, but it’s just not true. Audio commercials are bigger than ever, and they are only going to get bigger.

3D audio might just be the edge you are looking for in your advertising campaign.

The new generation of buyers doesn’t watch TV or listen to the radio alone. They get their information on the go. They are listening to podcasts, streaming music on online radio, and joining TikTok; and they are wearing headphones.

3D sound is not just an experiment for YouTube content creators anymore. It has grown to become a whole industry with the potential to transform advertising.

So far, 3D audio advertising seems to be the way to go, except for one little problem…

Are 3D Audio Ads Really Worth it?

A lot of marketers have this one stinging concern about 3D audio commercials: is it worth it?

And it’s a well-warranted question if you consider the facts. You can only hear 3D audio on your headphones, yet millions of people listen to radio and podcasts in their cars or play it over the speakers at home.

So what’s the point of paying extra for a “3D Audio commercial” when it won’t even reach most of your customers?

There are three answers to this question. First,

Know your audience

Target people who are most likely to listen to 3D audio. A lot of people stream podcasts and music on their headphones, so you don’t have to worry about an absent audience.

It’s about the experience

You might think 3D audio is a waste of your time and money since it needs one to have headphones, but you are overlooking one small fact:

3D audio commercials, if done right, can elevate your marketing campaign.

Let’s say you are advertising outdoor equipment, tents, and fishing rods and boats. Your audio ad needs to have the ambiance of a cool breeze, maybe a burning fire, a smooth river flowing nearby. 3D audio ads can give your audience the feeling of being outdoors, under the stars next to a crackling fire. The illusion of binaural sound will draw listeners into the experience, hence making your 3D commercial a success.

It’s not about the 3D Audio Effects

For an audio commercial to be successful, it has to be:

Creative – the ad should engage the audience.

Impactful – a great commercial presents a solution to a problem that the listeners might have. You might get some inspiration from this short guide on emotional ads.

Well executed – this is about hiring the best voice talents for the job. This might be the trickiest part of the job, but we’ve got your covered with these gems:

You need to remember that the term 3D audio is a buzz word. It’s an accessory that you wear, but it says nothing about the creativity of your marketing campaign. Some listeners might be tricked by the term 3D audio and click on your commercial, but if you don’t have the content, they will walk away without purchasing anything.

Focus on the meat of the audio commercial; do your research, write a great audio ad script, find the right producer and director, and finally, hire the right voice-over talents.

And don’t forget to keep up with the latest audio advertising trends.

3D audio comes in to enhance the listening experience of the audio ad, but you should never rely on this effect as your main selling point.

3D Audio Advertising: Get it Right

Do you remember when 3D TV first hit us? People went crazy, buying both 3D TV and 3D glasses, but it soon became just another oversold trend.

3D audio might not be so quick to go. It’s engaging, it’s entertaining, and it is just what your marketing campaign needs.

This is how you get 3D audio commercials right:

Consistency is Key

3d audio is not a magic wand that will save your drowning ship. The effect simply comes in to elevate what you already have.

You need a solid marketing campaign, and audio should be an essential part of your strategy.

Even with 3D audio ads, you should still maintain the voice and personality of your brand. 3D effects are not a reason to abandon your entire strategy. In a world where every company is advertising way too much, your goal should be to cut through the noise.

Sure, 3D effects on your audio commercial could be a great way to reach your audience, except everyone is doing it.

This is to say that the only thing that will set you apart is your creativity and consistency. If have been doing well in other areas of marketing, there is no need to freak out over 3D audio. Remain authentic to your brand voice; its the best way to build recall.

If this is not making a whole lot of sense to you, don’t worry. We have more information on Audio Branding: yes, your brand needs a voice now.

Have a Plan

In this time and age, marketers don’t need to shout to be heard. This is because listeners are already listening, viewers are already viewing – on their mobile devices.

All marketers have to do is narrow down the audience they want to advertise to.

3D audio commercials are more intimate (because they can only be heard via headphones). Besides, digital audio has less commercial messages. Your consumers are present, listening to online radio or their favorite podcast, and it’s up to you to impress them.

It won’t matter if you make the best 3D audio ad if this commercial doesn’t reach the right audience.

Are your customers on Spotify? Craft a 3D audio commercial or song that will resonate with them. And don’t just stop there: harness the full power of Spotify commercials. Likewise, if advertising on a podcast about wine, make the audio ad relevant to the audience.

Again, it’s not about the 3D effects, it’s about the content of your ad. Content is king.

3d audio commercials for marketing

Explore your Options

Digital audio advertising is not like traditional radio advertising. We cover the details in our radio ads vs audio ads article.

When it comes to digital audio, you have a few options as to how you want to advertise. This is mostly because you can target consumers at an individual level with audio ads.

Let us explain:

Momentary Targeting

This is when you advertise to consumers when they are working out, for instance. Maybe they are streaming a playlist online, and you decide to hit them with a 3D audio commercial marketing your new gym.

Genre targeting

Let’s say you are marketing headphones.

Everybody who’s streaming something online could use headphones, but how do you get them to buy yours?

Well, if marketing on an online music streaming platform, you can split your ads by genre. Tell the hip-pop listeners about the bass, and the rock listeners about the volume.

The trick is to make each audio ad unique to the listener.

Sequential Targeting

This is a form of advertising that involves multiple pieces of copy that are used to tell a story. You can craft a series of 3D audio ads to inform listeners about your diverse range of products.

Final Thoughts

The lack of visuals in audio is a strength, not a weakness, especially when it comes to 3D audio commercials. You can really connect with listeners and get them to respond to the call to action by activating their imagination. In the absence of visuals, there is sound, music, and 3D audio effects.

Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words, but the pictures we build in our heads are more meaningful and more memorable. Don’t risk as bad commercial, get high-quality professional audio ads, fast.