Social media is one of the most effective digital marketing channels. Facebook is particularly good at getting you more impressions, clicks, and conversions thanks to its video ads. Importantly, it is also more affordable than many other social media channels. Now the question is, “How much should your Facebook video ads budget be?

There is no definite answer to how much your Facebook video ads budget should be. This is because many variables affect the cost of Facebook advertising. However, you can regularly analyze how much you spend on Facebook advertising and use it as a reference for when you plan your social media marketing campaign.

Bunny Studio’s video creators have experience in Facebook video ads and other social media advertising. Their experience and familiarity were used to put together this article to help you budget for your Facebook video ads. Check out the rest of the post and learn how to use this social media channel to promote your brand.

What Are Facebook Video Ads?

Facebook video ads are paid advertising placements. They feature a video and appear in several predetermined locations on the Facebook screen. As you may suspect, it is different from writing Facebook posts made of a blurb of text and an image. In this form of advertising, you will have to create a video from scratch or use an existing one.

You can create the video in-house or work with a videographer and video editor to create one for you. Then, you will have to upload the video to Facebook’s native video player. Once uploaded, you will be able to customize its description and thumbnail. You’ll also have control over your Facebook video ads budget and its audience.

Why Should You Use Facebook Video Ads?

Everyone loves video, especially Facebook users. Billions of users watch videos on Facebook Watch every month, which you can take advantage of to boost your business. Video ads get more clicks than organic posts or any written content. More than that, you can be more creative with videos to show off the personality of your brand.

Since you can do more with videos, you can also better emotionally connect with your audience. It’s why Facebook video ads have become one of the most effective formats that marketers can use. Entertaining video ads can help you become instantly competitive, even more so with excellent web, print, and banner ad designs, as well as top quality, professional voice-over.

What Are The Different Parts of a Facebook Video Ad?

Facebook video ads have different parts that serve a purpose. Knowing and understanding each of them will help you create ads that will effectively attract and convert customers. So, don’t forget to add the following parts in your Facebook video ad when you decide to create one to boost your brand.

  • Account Link

The video ad must have a link to your Facebook account. Close to the account link is the word “Sponsored.” It is a clear indication that the video is a Facebook advertisement and not an organic video post.

  • Primary Text

The copy you see above the video view is the primary text. You can use more than 125 characters for this. That way, your viewers will want to click the “read more” to see the entire text that describes the video.

  • Video View

The video view is the video itself. There are various settings that Facebook users can set for video displays. They can decide that the videos play automatically or the sound plays automatically. If they want, the video can be just an image until they decide to play it.

  • Headline

Although it is the headline, it is displayed below the video view. This also serves as the title, which can go over 40 characters, so it’s not entirely visible. Creating a catchy title is important so that your viewers can remember your ad.

  • CTA Button

The call-to-action button is the clickable button located at the lower right of the video ad. When you create your Facebook video ad, there’s a pre-set list of CTA options that you can choose. It all depends on what setting you want for the ad.

It’s important to have all these parts in your Facebook video ads. That way, you can provide all the information your viewer will need. The account link and CTA are particularly crucial to help your audience go to where you want them to go.

facebook video ads budget

Where Can You Place Your Facebook Video Ads?

The most familiar place where viewers often see a Facebook video ad is in the News Feed. However, there are actually other places where you can feature your Facebook video ads. These various placements allow you to reach a wider audience and have more people learn about your brand and business.

The video ads you can see in-feed look the same as organic posts. They appear whenever a user is scrolling through their News Feed. Video ads can also appear in-stream or in the middle of another video, but only on mobile devices. They look like a mini commercial, appearing after the main video content has played for 60 seconds.

Only the first 15 seconds of the video ad plays, then the viewer can choose to return to playing the original video or watch the entire ad. Another location where Facebook video ads may appear is the Facebook Marketplace. They show whenever a user is scrolling or shopping there. You can also see full-screen, vertical video ads in Facebook Stories.

They appear in between organic Facebook Stories, which may be split into various story cards played one after another if they are longer than 15 seconds. Once the first three cards were shown, the viewer can then choose whether to continue watching or not. You may also place your video ads in Facebook Video Feed, playing between organic videos.

Facebook Video Ads Budget – How Much Do Facebook Ads Really Cost?

Onto the main question – how much should your Facebook video ads budget be? The safest and absolute answer is, “It depends.” The cost for Facebook ads, video or not, varies every month, day, hour, and location. These are only some of the many factors that determine how much it costs to run a Facebook ad, especially video ads.

However, you don’t have to worry because no matter what your Facebook video ads budget is, you will never go over it. Instead of thinking about how much your budget should be, it’s best to focus on how you can make that budget deliver the best results. Hence, it’s important to get familiar with the basics of Facebook video ads.

With that said, you can learn how to create a budget for your Facebook video ad with the instructions below. The beauty of Facebook is you can easily control how much to spend and when to use your budget for the ads. Facebook ads provide a wide array of customization options, even the ability to set a limit for your spending, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Types of Facebook Budgets

There are two types of budget you’ll encounter with Facebook – total budget and daily budget.

  • Total Budget

This is the maximum amount you will spend on a specific ad until it is done running. If you set a $50 total budget, you will only be charged up to $50.

  • Daily Budget

This is the average amount you will spend on an ad every day. If you set a daily budget of $5 a day with an ad set to run for ten days, then you will only be charged up to $50 in total.

Here’s one thing to remember – Facebook charges you each time it delivers an ad to a viewer. It doesn’t matter if the user clicked or tapped the ad. With that, make sure to keep an eye on your video ads as it runs. That way, you can quickly modify it or create a new ad to get the results you desire.

Setting a Budget for Your Facebook Video Ads

Setting a Facebook video ads budget is pretty much the same as any other format of Facebook ads. The steps only differ when you set it on your desktop or mobile device. If you edit your budget on your desktop, start by heading to your Facebook page then clicking the blue “Promote” button.

After that, choose the objective that supports your video, and then select the audience, placements, and other optimization options based on your goals. You also need to select the correct format for your video before you can upload it. Once you are done creating your Facebook video ad, you can head to the Budget and Duration section.

You can set your Facebook video ads budget by following the steps below.

  1. Choose a Budget

The default suggestion of Facebook is a $20 daily budget. But you can adjust that however you want – editing the amount to how much you want to spend and choosing either a “daily” or a “lifetime” budget. If you choose a daily budget, the indicated amount will be the maximum you can spend on any day.

On the other hand, the lifetime budget refers to the maximum amount you will spend as long as the ad is live. This also means you need to indicate a start and end date for your ad. Unlike before, you cannot have the ad to run continuously. All these settings apply when you run a Facebook video ad.

  1. Choose a Schedule

You can tell Facebook when you want the video ads to run specifically. If yours is a daily ads budget, Facebook’s default suggestion is to run it continuously. If not, you can decide on a start and end for the ad to run on a specific day. Facebook then automatically computes the total amount you will need to spend to run the ads for the amount of time you set.

There you have it. You have set a budget for your Facebook video ad.

Work with Bunny Studio to Set Up an Effective Facebook Video Ad

While you can create your video ad yourself, working with professionals is a great help. Bunny Studio has worked with many clients before and is familiar with Facebook advertising. Utilizing that experience and know-how, their video experts can help you set up a Facebook video ads budget that is right for your business.