From Super Mario’s “Booping” sound effects to full-on Resident Evil role-playing game (RPG) dialogues, the evolution of computer games has sure been a wild ride! As the realism of simulations intensifies, so does the need for compelling video game voice over scripts. In a whirlwind of adventure, chaos, curiosity, and seat-edging scenarios, character personalities come together with fantasy storylines to captivate the gamer. As game developers design alternate reality concepts, the important detail of video game scripts gels and voice actors brings the vision to life on the everyday screen.

In just this one year, the video gaming industry has seen a 9.3% growth from 2019. Mobile games have been awarded a $13.2bn revenue solely in North America alone in 2020. Not surprisingly, forecasts estimate a continued increase in the industry for the next 3 to 5 years. Whether you’re a voice talent looking to try your hand at video game voice over, or a creator looking for inspiration, we’ve put compiled the ingredients for an immersive audio experience in this article.


Importance of Video Game Scripts

The heated debate continues, but whether you’re a fan of Xbox or the latest PlayStation 4, the video game industry is massive. Stay-at-home orders in 2020 have certainly given avid gamers more reason to invest in an alternate reality. This goes regardless of whether it’s a television, a mobile device, a VR device, or a computer screen. Here are the top reasons why a compelling video game script is elemental in engagement.


Personality Adds Realism

Just like how you wouldn’t watch a movie with terrible acting, video game scripts are the unsung heroes in building a virtual reality. It’s the same reason why storytelling marketing is so successful, and why human voices are always preferred over robotic ones. The emotion that contributes to a character’s personality helps the player to feel more involved and invested within a game. Details of a video game script can design the character’s role in the narrative. For example, cultural nuances or colloquialism adds depth to the character’s origin and history. On the other hand, rough language can portray a character that is less educated or polished. Because the basis of most video game concepts are built on fundamental components of the society we live in, video game scripts can design a sense of authenticity in the game’s concept.

Script Tip: Start by deciding on a few personality traits of your character. Then pick word choices, and mayhap, add a touch of sarcasm that amplifies those traits. You can even consider giving your character a personality flaw, addiction, or a secret to humanize your character.


Conversation Keeps the Story Moving

Rather than narrating the entire plot, dialogue keeps the player involved, and the story moving. From quests to hints, video game voice over dialogues can be used to introduce new characters, teach new instructions, or direct the player to new locations. It involves the player and helps them understand what they need to do. With the conversation, the player lives the entire experience, he celebrates successes and gets riled up over setbacks. Video games such as RPGs, adventures, visual novels, multi-player shooter, and online games use dialogue to effectively involve the player in the game’s plot.


Script Tip: Part of a video game voice over script writer’s job is to decide on critical plot points and revolve the script content around them. Hence, it makes sense that writers should work their way backwards towards the answers, rather than vice versa. These written dialogues should create different pathways that veer the player towards the same plot or outcome. For example, your scripts can consist of different questions asked by different characters that will ultimately lead back to the same general answer or direction.


Nobody Reads Anymore

Have you ever just impatiently skipped through written narratives or instructions of a game? You’re not alone. If the crux of the game itself is not compelling enough, why bother going through the chore of reading a ton of instructions? A study discovered that readers only read an average of 20% of the text on any given page. We simply live in the era of short attention span today. But by creating audio with the right SFX and ambiance along with good video game voice over scripts, you might just be able to effectually pull the player into your game without involving the chore of reading.

Script Tip: Whether it’s of a dialogue or a plot narrative, a robust script polishes a video game. Whether you’re simply providing text, or including a voice over to complement your text, language plays a huge role. Scripts with bad grammar, pronunciations, or misspellings are a great put off and will make you lose your players really quickly. It’s hence important to have your video game voice over scripts written professionally and proofread several times. In addition, it’s also important to have your video voice overs narrated intelligibly and recorded with clarity in a professional studio.


Video Game Voice Over Scripts

Case in point! Now that we’ve dished out the basics on writing video game voice over scripts, let’s see how these tips can be applied to churning out content. Here, we provide some examples that may help to tickle some inspiration for you to write your very own video game voice over scripts.


#1: Space Bunny Binky

The Project Description

Client: Bunny Game Developers

Content Topic: Space Bunny Binky Game Ad & Script

Product Description: Space Bunny Binky is an intuitive RPG game app available on Android and Apple app stores. The goal of the game is to collect as many carrots as possible while dodging predator characters such as diving hawks and wolves. It combines the concept of the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland with an outer-space world. Collecting rainbow-colored carrots give the player power-ups that protects the player from any attacks. The player can access different surreal planets through secret bunny tunnel portals as he or she advances in the game. In-app purchases are available. We need a 15 and 30-second voice over ad for the game. On top of that, please also provide a one-minute script as opening instructions/narrative that will be included in the game itself.

Audience: Children and young adults

Tone: Simple to understand, whimsical, and quirky.

Perspective: Second-person.


15-SECONDS Game Ad Script (38 words)

Wise bunnies know that carrots will not simply float to them.

Especially wise space bunnies.

Binky into a realm of mad-hatter mayhem and unicorn-colored carrots.

Download Space Bunny Binky game from the app store and 
blast off today!


30-SECONDS Game Ad Script (63 words)

“How long is forever?

Sometimes just one second,” said the Bunny.  

Wise bunnies know that carrots will not float to them.

Especially wise space bunnies.

Get moving down the rabbit hole and binky into a realm 
where nothing makes sense.

Nibble through carrots and dodge predators in a mad-hatter world.

Download Space Bunny Binky game from the app store 
and blast off today!


60-SECONDS Game Introduction Script (137 words)

Need some space from reality?

Welcome to the Mad-hatter’s galaxy of mayhem.

Don’t chase the white rabbit, 
go down the rabbit hole yourself!

The hurrier you go; the behinder you get.

Tick tock says the old clock; you better get binkying!

To move, tap where you want to go.

Hawks and foxes are your greatest foe.

Double tap to dodge them, 
and do it like your bunny life depends on it.

Nibble your way through carrots.

Down the tummy hatch they go!

Don’t resist unicorn-colored ones; 
they’re the most delicious.

they give you superhero powers and protect you from predators.

If you chance upon a rabbit tunnel, 
hop right in to discover a new realm within this one!

Do remember that gravity is hogwash in space.

Ready to rumble, rabbit?

video game voice over scripts for designers

#2: Jumpy Grumpy Bunny

The Project Description

Client: Bunny Game Developers

Content Topic: Jumpy Grumpy Bunny Game Ad & Script

Product Description: Jumpy Grumpy Bunny is an educational word game that trains the player to build new vocabulary and improve on grammar. The concept of the game revolves around a nervous but grouchy rabbit who guards his carrot garden closely. The player has to match the vocabulary with the meaning or fill in blanks with multiple choice answers. Adults can choose from beginner, intermediate, and advanced settings. Meanwhile, child players have the choice of picking which grade they are in to set the difficulty level. Consecutive wrong answers result in pest squirrels eating more carrots which will anger the Jumpy Grumpy Bunny more. In-app purchases are available. We need a 15 and 30-second voice over ad for the game. On top of that, please also provide a one-minute script as opening instructions/narrative that will be included in the game itself.

Audience: Children and young adults

Tone: Simple to understand, poetic, and fun.

Perspective: Second-person.


15-SECONDS Game Ad Script (32 words)

Are you a word whiz?

Get a whiff of Jumpy Grumpy Bunny’s carrot patch quiz.

Expand your vocabulary and polish your grammar the fun way.

Download free from the app store today!


30-SECONDS Game Ad Script (77 words)

Think you own enough word stock to write a dictionary?

See if you have what it takes to help Jumpy Grumpy Bunny 
protect his carrot patch from pesky squirrels.

Meander through grammar, vocabulary, idioms and more.

Whether you’re a mommy or a sonny, this word game is for everyone.

Polishing up on a language really doesn’t have to be a 
bore or a chore.

Simply download Jumpy Grumpy Bunny from the app store 
and have a blast!


60-SECONDS Game Introduction Script (135 words)

Why hello there!

Welcome to the ever-peaceful Bunny Ville.

I’m Hippyhop and this is Mr. Grumps.

Though, he’s better known to the other bunnies 
as Mr. Jumpy Grumpy Bunny.

Mr. Grumps is really quite a nervous Nellie.

He also throws a mean tantrum so 
watch out for his temper too.  

Carrots are Mr. Grumps’ pride and joy and he’s looking to hire.

Your job is to help Mr. Grumps protect his 
lovely carrots from pesky gnawing squirrels.

Let’s first start by getting to know you.

Choose a language and difficulty setting from the carrot menu.

Now all you have to do is pick the right 
answer to fill in the blanks.

Don’t think too long now, 
or Mr. Grumps might just blow his top!

Think you’re up for the job? 
Tap START to get working.


Outsourcing your Video Game Voice Over Script

No one’s perfect! Rather than creating video game voice over scripts that are rushed, shoddy, and ridden with grammatical mistakes, there’s really no shame in outsourcing. But looking for someone to work on your project can be a challenging task on its own. From the reliability of meeting deadlines to producing high-quality work, it’s hard to predict outcomes from the get-go. In times like these, here are a couple of pointers that may help you find the right fit.


  • Ask for testimonials or recommendations.
  • Request for some work samples or a portfolio.
  • Pick a native speaker of the content you’re looking to develop.
  • Working with credible platforms rather than individual freelancers can be more reliable.
  • Provide as many details as possible on your project for a more accurate outcome.
  • Clearly define the scope, expectations, and deadline of your project.
  • Include the style and tone in which you want your scripts to be written.
  • Don’t choose a writer solely based on price.
  • Get all work communication in writing.
  • Even better, pick a video game voice over scriptwriting platform that can also produce professional voice overs!


In a Nutshell

When it comes to video game voice over scripts, it really depends on the genre of your game. The tone and style of each project script can differ like chalk and cheese. A huge chunk of modulating your script depends on the demographics of your target players. We say, let the gurus work their magic. Add a dash of personality, a sprinkle of flavor, and a distinct voice for each character and you’re set to creating an addictive video game! You’ll know you have a winner when you hear your player shout “Just five more minutes!”