From TV to radio, billboards, and online platforms, an average person encounters an avalanche of between 6,000 and 10,000 ads a day. That is a headache for any serious marketer, including advertising designers.

How do you get your target customers to ignore the 9,999 other brands and focus on your product?

The secret is to design a memorable ad that is attention-grabbing. To achieve that, you need the experience and expertise of an advertising designer to develop an ad that can beat such competition.

Here is the thing.

An ad is not just words or people acting out a skit that mentions your brand or product. Because ads are expensive to create and run, every second it runs, image, word, and action must count. It would be best if you also achieved your goal of selling or marketing the product within the 5 seconds the ad runs or the two seconds a billboard flashes by the eyes of your target audience. As such, everything about your ad must be deliberate.

Who Is An Advertising Designer?

To understand the role of an ad designer, you must appreciate the intentionality of any advertisement. The creator has to consider the product on offer and the target audience when developing an advert. Moreover, every actor, object, word, image, color, setting, and message on the ad has to be deliberate.

In the background, an advertising designer has data on:

  • how people consume ads
  • their concentration span
  • their preferred language
  • trending vibe
  • the most creative way to present an idea

All the above elements must come together to form a five or ten seconds ad on radio, television, or online. Similar work goes on behind the scenes when developing an advertisement for billboards, newspapers, brochures, and wallpapers, among other advertising materials.

Therefore advertising designers mostly do all this work behind the scenes. They consider all this information and develop a viable concept for your advert. The designer must also balance between:

  • the product on offer
  • the profile of the brand pushing the product
  • the needs of the target audience

Using their expertise, the designers produce posters, videos, audio ads, and banners to bring sales.

advertising designer

Why Hire An Advertisement Designer?

Many entrepreneurs, marketing managers, and executives operate under the assumption that they know their products better than anyone else. As such, they are better placed to advertise or talk on behalf of these products. However, advertising requires more than the knowledge of a product.

On its own, advertising is a three-faced affair. You have to look at the product on offer, the target audience, and the brand pushing the product. It is at this intersection that the advertising designer comes in to create the perfect balance.

Here are more reasons for hiring an ad designer.

1.     Experience

Any great advertising usually requires experience. Otherwise, how will the designer know the concepts that work and those that will flop, especially if it is a new, untested idea?

Through experience, the designer will learn to avoid over-exploited or repetitive ideas. Consequently, tapping into the expertise of an advertising designer helps you to create ingenious and classic ads.

2.     Specialization

As an entrepreneur or business executive, developing ads is not a plate you can handle alone. A specialist advertising designer who understands the art of developing ads is at a better position to deliver a compelling ad. Thus, do not spend time designing ads or developing ideas at the expense of polishing your product.

It is imperative to get a specialist in the type of ad. For instance, a video ad designer isn’t the best help to design ads for print or radio. Hiring a specialist enables you to benefit from years of experience in ad development, resulting in captivating ads.

3.     Develop Creative Concepts

The advertisement industry experiences cutthroat competition. Only the most creative will deliver the sales results you need and decent ROI. Unfortunately, many executives and business owners are not prepared to create such an ad.

Luckily, the experience, training, and ingenuity of advertising designers will help deliver the quality of ad that goes viral and competes with others that are already running.

In other words, the designers mainly help you to avoid riding on waves that fade away fast or that can be spun against you by competitors.

4.     Produce Classical Ads

Talking of trendy and classic ads in the previous subtopic, there are instances to ride on waves and others where they become a waste of resources. The goal for every advertiser should be to produce a classic ad. This is an advert that can outlive trendy people, topics, or events.

A classic ad will still be relevant a year to two down the line. Hence, it saves you advertisement production budget while keeping your brand trending beyond the few weeks or months that the wave will last.

So, avoid taking up a task that results in a waste of time and resources because you cannot handle it or cannot match experts’ quality.

Remember,  the ROI is always better where you involve experts. A professional advertising designer is a secret ingredient in producing captivating ads.

How to Identify the Best Advertisement Designer

With more than 280,000 graphic designers in the USA, the choices for ad designers are endless. Unfortunately, not every graphic designer can be an advertisement designer. Further, not all ad designers can meet your expectations and deliver quality services.

That said, how then do you choose the best advert designer?

       i.          Check Experience

Advert designers are not amateurs. Moreover, this is not an entry-level job for every designer. It requires a seasoned tactician with a broader understanding of the advertising industry. Experience is, therefore, paramount.

The portfolio of your target designer will give you an idea of his level of skills. You may also ask for referrals or check reviews on his profile.

Designers who have produced excellent adverts in the past are better poised to design ads for you.

     ii.          Specialization

Ads are unique. It takes a specialist to know the tactics to be used on one industry or platform and not the other. The skills required to produce ads for entertainment are different from those needed for health products.

However, you must be cautious not to use the same designer for all your ads. While a specialist may help you to maintain consistency, you need variety to avoid consumption fatigue.

   iii.          Ingenuity

As mentioned over and over, the advertisement industry is highly competitive. For this reason, you need a brilliant mind that can deliver original, engaging, and memorable adverts.

Choose a professional who is ready with new ideas. Look at the creativity of ideas in the portfolio or present case scenarios to assess the ingenuity of your target designer.

Note that viewers will not forgive you for stealing or repeating concepts.

    iv.          Charges

Having a set-out budget is essential. Therefore, engage an advertising designer who can deliver the best ad within your financial limits.

However, you must realize that a good ad is an investment. After all, it is meant to bring you more money.

Where to Get the Best Advertisement Designer

Now that you know how to choose the best advert designer, where can you find these professionals?

Well, there are a lot of places to get qualified ad designers. Here are some of them and how to ascertain their qualification before hiring:

  • Neighborhood– advert designers use posters, social media, and other advertisement techniques to capture the attention of businesses around the community. You may also check local business forums and directories. This option is advantageous because you have one-on-one contact that helps you to supervise your work in progress.
  • Freelance Ad Designers– the designers have set up profiles on social media and personal websites. You reach them by searching for the services on web browsers. To avoid scams like poor quality services, check. You can also ask for a referral from associates who have worked with the designer in the past.
  • Agencies– ad agencies have specialized advertising designers ready to discuss projects with clients. From the agencies, you find designers of all types of ads because they serve an assortment of clientele.
  • Freelancing Websites– the websites bring together specialists in different fields and from all corners of the world. Pick the highest-rated designers even as you evaluate the projects on their portfolio.

Whether you get your designer from social media or a freelancing website, do not ignore the value of ingenuity, experience, and cost.

Discuss the project in phases if you are not sure about the ability of the designer to deliver. Such measures ensure that you get value for money through an advert design that brings ROI.

advertising designer

The Cost of Hiring the Best Advertisement Designer

Like all other services, the best advertisement designers are pricy. However, price is not the ultimate determinant of the quality of services. It takes a combination of factors to determine the cost of hiring an ad designer.

Experience is a significant contributor to price because seasoned designers with advanced skills always charge more. On the other hand, the quantity and nature of work will also affect the price. For instance, designing a video ad is more expensive than a print ad.

A freelancer may also offer a lower price compared to an agency. Nevertheless, your negotiation skills and the nature of your ad will determine how much you pay for your project.

Still, it would help if you were realistic when costing.


The effectiveness of your ad will depend on its design. You must, therefore, choose an advertising designer who understands ads in your industry and can blend your idea with ingenuity to deliver a memorable advert.

Since adverts aim to sell your brand, you must invest a reasonable amount to get the best ad designer.

Were you looking for the best advertising designer?

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