Alexa, Siri, Cortana: You’ve interacted with them! These AI assistants in your smart gadgets are first becoming humanity’s best friend.

Sometimes, they have voices, listen, and talk back to you (as in Alexa and Siri). Other times, they are as silent as Cortana, the guide who helps you navigate your Microsoft devices.

Though some business owners may consider these “technologies of the future,” customers increasingly love their convenience. According to studies, 75 percent of web customers want help in just 5 minutes and prefer getting support through chat or voice. So it’s time you came out of your cage and unlocked the far-reaching potential of AI.

Large companies are leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to interact with humans just as real people would.

But software systems alone aren’t complete if you don’t add an accompanying human voice. You can submit your project details at Bunny Studio and hire a talented voice actor/actress to represent your brand.

This post has been updated in September 2021.

What are AI Assistants?

A digital, AI, or virtual assistant is an application program built with natural language capabilities. They understand voice commands and accomplish simple tasks for users.

These solutions have taken over duties that human agents previously handled, including:

  • Dictation
  • Checking up phone numbers
  • Reading out SMS or emails aloud
  • Scheduling
  • Making phone calls
  • Notifying the user of appointments

Virtual assistants are powered by technologies that rely on troves of data. During the human-computer interaction, the ai assistants use complex algorithms to learn from the existing data. That way, they get better at understanding and solving the user’s problems.

Such an assortment of trolls of data feeds the various AI platforms that run your smart devices, such as:

  • Machine Learning
  • Speech Recognition
  • Natural Language Processing

Types of AI assistants

There are mainly two types of AI assistants:

  • Virtual assistants: These are stand-alone application programs built to interact with us on online platforms or interfaces.
  • Smart Devices: These are physical devices that run on AI programming and help human beings accomplish various tasks.

The Vital Role of Voice AI Assistants in Customer Support

Your customers need voice help more than you imagine. In a recent study, Capgemini Research Institute found that nearly 70 percent of consumers with queries prefer using voice support and chatbots rather than going to the store.

This change in habit is fueled by sophisticated AI-driven applications and the increasing adoption among businesses and shoppers.

But that’s not all. There’s more!

1.    Round-the-clock Support

Voice help and chatbots enable companies to be there for their customers all day and night long. Therefore, they are able to share with consumers crucial data instantly or accomplish simple requests within a shorter period.

Embed a warm voice into your application program and give clients a happy welcome any time they reach out.

2.    Improves Efficiency

Because customer service is a hectic process, anything that boosts workplace efficiency is a lifesaver.

Voice assistants and chatbots boost workplace efficiency in the customer service arena by handling tasks that would otherwise take lots of time and agent effort to accomplish.

For instance, studies show the banking sector can automate up to 90 percent of customer engagements using chatbots.

3.    Cuts operation costs

As AI assistants handle repetitive tasks, companies can spend their time more productively by working on the most complex tasks.

These technologies also allow firms to lay off some secretaries, customer care agents, etc., reducing the amount of money that goes into payroll.

According to IBM statistics, AI-based support systems, including chatbots and voice helps, are expected to reduce customer service costs by an impressive 30 percent.

4.    Eliminating language barries

Voice assistants with multilingual capabilities are helping businesses eliminate language barriers in their support systems.

For instance, air transport companies benefit from multilingual voice assistants and chatbots because of their global customer base.

You can also tap into such benefits; if you serve customers from all over the world.

5.    Personalized Experiences

AI assistants impact not only customer support but also offer far-reaching benefits in marketing.

These applications play a vital role in ensuring a personalized experience during all customer engagements.

In particular, voice solutions are expected to play a crucial role in the retail industry. Studies by Juniper reveal voice commerce will continue to blossom and surpass $80 billion/year come 2023.

ai assistants

AI Assistants: The Human Voices Behind Siri and Alexa

Your typical conversations with your smart devices can go something like this:

You: “Alexa, please turn on the lights.”

Alexa: Okay, lights turned on.

Well, next time, try asking Alexa more personal questions like:

“Alexa, who is the voice behind Alexa?” Or try making her “jealous” by asking who’s Siri; and who’s the voice behind her.

You may be thinking that robots do everything in a voice application program. Oops! Spoiler alert: human beings play a vital role in recording the vocals we love to hear every time we interact with smart tech or brands.

So who are the people behind these smart devices that have become part of our lives?


Alexa is a smart device from the US giant retailer Amazon. The gadget tells you pretty much everything you need to know and tackles simple home tasks, thanks to a process called the Internet of Things(IoT).

This Amazon innovation is perhaps the most sophisticated smart device. It is numerous technological devices, including echo gadgets and other stuff, e.g., thermostats and headphones.

But Alexa is also a human being; or let’s say, the voice that speaks in it is human. Her name is Nina Roller, a voice actress from Boulder, Colorado.

While Amazon would like to keep this secret (or has never gone public with the story), clues from investigative Journalist Brad Stone have revealed one of the mysteries behind the tech.

Nina even runs her voice-over website and has served a pool of reputable companies; you can tell by the logos that run from right to left at the site’s bottom.

While we won’t go into the complex editing and mastering that goes into these projects, one thing that comes out is that a human voice actor is doing the initial recording.


Susan Bennet, the American female voice in Siri, has a similar story but with a captivating twist.

The Siri voices were recorded back in 2005 July, 4 hours a day, for the whole month. When I recorded those voices, I had no idea where they would end up.” Speaking on CNN RedChair, she says she had no idea her voice would speak to hundreds of millions of people.

Though the always-so-secretive Apple has never gone public with this, all evidence points towards Susan.

The talented actress began her voice-over career as a young girl. She was the voice in “Tillie the all-time teller,” the first-ever ATM. Those who didn’t use Tillie the ATM have probably met her at Delta Airlines.

Karen Jacobsen is also a female voice in Siri. She is Australian and famous in her homeland for her excellent work. You’ll encounter her in iPhone’s GPS services

But Siri isn’t all female and no male! Jon Briggs is the British male voice in the iPhone.

In conclusion, these famous AI assistants are a combination of recorded authentic human voices.

How to Find the Right Voice Actor for your AI Assistants

Like Amazon and Apple, you can also have talented voices speak to your customers. These voices will enable you to connect with your clients at a more personal level.

With that in mind, you’d want to choose a voice that’s warm and welcoming–the perfect tone for your audience.

Follow these steps when looking to hire a voice actress:

  1. Plan for the campaign: Have a clear strategy of whatever your AI assistants will do and how a human voice will fit in.
  2. Understand your audience’s needs: Again, this voice should speak to your audience, so it’s best to give them just the right medicine.
  3. Decide the style, tone & voice-over type: Define the specifics of your project and decide which voice fits, whether male or female, bold or calm, etc.
  4. Get the scripts ready: Remember, your voice-over actress’s sole job is to voice whatever is in writing. Your marketing or customer support team should provide them with the content to spell out.
  5. Begin the search & vet actors: Search for voice actors in freelance sites like Bunny Studios. Then check out their previous samples and hire a qualified candidate.
  6. Search for talent, look beyond perfection: There’s lots of talent out there, lend a keen ear, and you’ll meet the right voice for your brand. Don’t go searching for perfection unless you’re willing to pay in the clouds.
  7. Prepare a budget: understand the rates and cost of the project upfront. You want to prepare early because you’ll have to pay your actor(s).
  8. Draft a Contract: it’s crucial to set the terms straight before entering a deal. You don’t want to plunge into copyright issues down the road.

The Bottom Line

As voice commerce goes mainstream, it’s counter-productive to deny your customers the human interaction they need. AI assistants are now a must-have for businesses that prioritize the customer experience. These solutions offer multiple benefits to brands, including:

  • improved efficiency
  • cost savings
  • reduced workload
  • personalized customer services

Choosing a strong voice actress goes a long way in producing voice assistants that your audience resonates with. Be patient with the search process. Once you hire an actress, there’s no turning back unless your willing to fund the whole project from scratch.

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