DesiScripting for Alexa searches is no longer a luxury considering that 50% of internet searches are poised to be voice based by the end of 2020. It gets more interesting when you discover that 30% of these searches will be on devices without screens. Your ability to anticipate what the customer will enquire or order and provide the best answer will determine how well your voice search strategy works. As voice search bots become the norm, Alexa scripts will guide you through the delicate path of writing for your website.

Voice search scripts for Alexa are unique from the web content you create for your order or services page. The script will determine the ease with which target customers find the products they are looking for on your site. It counts a great deal on customer experience and will determine whether customers return to your website or order your goods and services again.

Before going into details about the Alexa scripts, it would help to know why voice search is the SEO strategy of the future. How do you use the script and voice search technology to get ahead of your competitors?

How to Use Alexa Scripts to Stay Ahead of the Curve

  • Voice search improves customer experience– the customer does not type endless words and can search on Alexa from a distance. This translates into unprecedented convenience, increasing the chances of a return order and referrals.
  • More voice-enabled devices – Alexa is an example of trailblazers in voice search. While it was in a unique class, more devices are taking up the technology. It translates into a growing demand for voice optimized websites as opposed to text.
  • Alexa is becoming more accurate– one of the biggest challenges with voice searches was the accuracy of the results. Developers have sharpened their skills and are now able to achieve 99% accuracy on voice search. It results in more searches and increased returns to your website.

The case for Alexa voice search scripts is getting stronger as more people embrace the technology over traditional ways of searching for content.

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Writing Accurate and Captivating Alexa Scripts

View An Alexa voice search and response script like the conversation that takes place when you are ordering pizza over the phone or delivery over an app. The buyer makes an inquiry to which Alexa will answer. It is those answers you will be providing in the script. Here are excellent tips to help you to write the best Alexa script.

  • Start With the Customer Journey or Path During Purchase

A customer starts from the general to the specific when buying. He will start with the name of your store, mention a particular product then go into specifics like variety, quantity, and packaging. Your script should follow the same path to make the response or order as natural as possible.

An example is a customer buying yogurt. The first word uttered will be the name of your store-Home Matt. When the results appear, he will choose the brand of yogurt, let’s call it Morning Fresh. It is followed by a specific variety like Vanilla or Strawberry. The next mention will be the addition of fruits or plain yogurt. He will then mention the quantity- say 500ml.

It is vital to write your script with that path in mind. At every juncture, you must visualize all the options available and include them in your script. Remember, if he finds that the specific item, quantity, or variety is not available, the order will be abandoned. Provide all options and alternatives so that the buyer can select your store or item and avoid hitting a dead end.

  • Understand Alexa

Each device is designed to serve a different voice market. For instance, it would be crazy to expect a television to give directions. A car with a voice answering capability cannot buy a fridge or television. Understanding the purpose of Alexa in voice searchers will aid you a lot in your project.

Developers optimize devices and software based on where they are frequently used. The main use of Alexa is at home and would, therefore, give prominence to home purchases. The words and phrases used should revolve around such an informal setting. However, you must obtain a brief from your client on the location of the target audience. It helps you to match the keywords and search behaviors of the target audience.

  • Keywords are Still Important for Alexa Scripts

The Alexa search bots will find your content because it contains the keywords used by the audience. However, two or three words do not count in this case. Voice searches on Alexa use long-tail keywords. Integrate the long tail search keywords with your content.

When writing your script, you have to form a hypothesis of what people will be searching. Search engine bots will capture your website more accurately, leading to a more fruitful user experience. It takes a lot of research and use of data from search engines to understand the searched phrases that are aligned to your content. Failure to match content with the keywords will cause the bots to skip your website, resulting in reduced traffic.

  • Think in Terms of Questions

Thinking in terms of questions is probably the best SEO transformation you will encounter with voice searches. In the background, search bots will match content up to the highest percentage. Further, people search for results by asking questions. “Who won the presidential debate?”, “Where can I get grazed beef?”, “What time is the game starting?”, etc. Such questions should form the bulk of your content.

While Alexa bots will find your website because of questions, your response should be in form of affirmation and answers. Alexa should answer something like, “Did you say you want Morning Fresh Yogurt? We have Strawberry and Vanilla flavors. Which one do you want?” The affirmation part provides a chance for the customer to change an order if it was not accurately captured. The second part takes the customer to the next phase where the item ordered is more specific. It then provides room for a follow-up question.

Since there is no template when ordering over voice search devices, you have to think about the most common ways of asking a particular question. Data from search engines will help you to accurately predict the question. The questions have to match with accurate answers. You must also avoid similar-sounding questions because it could lead to the wrong answer, eventually derailing the customer.

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  • Simplify Product Descriptions

Product descriptions provided by manufacturers target readers as opposed to listeners or voice search bots. The boots have microseconds to extract information and present it to a searching customer. The interest of most customers ain’t in the technical details. You must, therefore, simplify the language to provide your target customers with the best user or answer experience.

It forms part of understanding language and technology restrictions facing your target customers. If it is too complicated, the chances of order abandonment increase. In fact, experts recommend the use of ordinary street language because the customer is comfortable with it. Keep it short and provide on-point descriptions.

Bottom Line: It is all About Conversation, Questions, and Answers

The Q&A cadence is a common factor in voice searches and results. Each question comes with an answer that digs dip into the order or provides a terminal solution. Design Alexa scripts like conversations where details help you to come to an understanding. Provide a clear path towards a final order or solution, just like it would happen in a physical store. The ultimate goal should be to provide information or complete an order in the shortest, simplest, and most precise dialogue. It is the simplicity and accuracy of the dialogue that will bring the customer back to your website.