Why would you choose to create an abstract-looking character in the name of marketing using animation? While it may appear like hard work, animation videos  and animation scripts offer unrivaled advantages over your ordinary video. Maybe a look at these advantages could convince you to use animations instead of your ordinary video.

Advantages of Scripts in Animation

  •       Animation makes your videos unique- while your rivals are fighting over celebrities to use in their advertising, you have already created one that can last a lifetime. It makes your marketing strategy unique.
  •       An animated video is more engaging- animation characters are made to perform stunts that make the video more engaging. They can perform acts beyond the capacity of an ordinary person. It heightens activity, making your video more engaging.
  •       Impressive to clients- animations capture the attention of viewers and traffic during an event or exhibition. You have less work to do when attracting clients to your website or traffic to your website.
  •       It is cheaper to generate an animation video compared to an ordinary advertising video. It saves your resources and guarantees a better return on investment.
  •       Brings your idea to life- an ordinary idea becomes a blockbuster when using animation. Everyone talks about it and you can push the limits of exaggeration.

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The benefits can be enticing until you realize that not all animations are successful. It is the creativity and professionalism in creating animation scripts that determine the success of an animation video. It means, therefore, it’s high time to learn how to write the best animation video scripts.

Unfortunately, animation video scripts are different from any other type of script. It is more than writing an essay or that story you write in a few hours and get an A-grade. The more an animated video appears scripted, the worse it looks. So, what is the trick of writing the most captivating animation script?

Tips in writing an effective script

  • Create and Internalize the Concept

Animation videos are designed with a specific end in mind. Your aim as an animation scriptwriter is to help the brand owner or advertiser to reach this end. It will only be possible when you understand the concept, internalize it, and create an idea out of it. Several questions will help you develop a concept and lay the foundation for a killer animation script.

  •       Who is my target audience?
  •       Which problem does the product seek to solve?
  •       What do I want to achieve with the video?
  •       Is there an overall theme for the video?
  •       What goes into the call to action and what do I call the viewers to do?

The concept helps you to create a storyline that will capture the imagination of your video consumers. From the questions, you can find creative ways of meeting the expectations through your animation. You will also find the right words to use in fulfilling the expectations of an animated video.

  •       Determine The Length Of The Video

The length of an animated video script will depend on that of the expected animated video. The standard animated video is 90 seconds. Your script should, therefore, be designed for a 90 seconds video. Based on the concept and the storyline, identify the right words and pacing for your script.

With just 90 seconds to pass a message, your words have to be unique and captivating to viewers. Make the 90 seconds exciting for a viewer yet sufficient to pass the intended message. The words must be meaningful and impactful.

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  •       Be Consistent in Messaging and Branding

Each audience has branding or messaging expectations from a particular company. Choose a particular message, tone, character, and overall presentation of your animation video. It is this consistency that helps viewers to stop and wait upon your ad because they can identify with the tone and messaging. Inconsistent branding and messaging confuse your viewers, making it difficult to follow the story. Even the voice must remain consistent because it is part of the action.

  •       Draft Your Script

Write every work with an accompanying image or action in mind. Use a conversational tone that the target audience can relate with. Revise the script several times until you have gotten it right.

On An Ending Note

Writing animation scripts is a matter of experience. Work with an experienced studio and scriptwriters to produce A+ quality scripts for your animation. Always remember that it is only a captivating script that can guarantee a mind-blowing animation video.