The best transcribers charge around $30/hr, making it one of the most expensive hiring skills. Even when hiring a freelancer, the stakes are equally high, meaning you have to pay more for the transcripts. What if you had the option of doing the transcription quickly and at a lower price? Audacity transcription solves your transcription puzzle, helping you to complete any transcription project like a pro.

What is Audacity Transcription?

Before diving into the use of Audacity in transcription, it is worth understanding the scope of transcription work. The truth is that there are other needs beyond transcription that complete your project.

For instance, you may be transcribing the audio or video file for captioning purposes. It explains why transcription platforms come with multiple features.

So what is Audacity, and how can it be used for transcription projects?

An audacity transcription is an open-source software developed by volunteers for multi-track audio transcriptions. It is simple to use, affirming the tag that the software is designed to accommodate beginners’ diminished confidence while allowing experts to showcase their skills. Since it is an open-source, free feature, it will enable you to work on your free transcription projects.

The advantage of audacity lies in its easy to use user interface. Because it is built with beginners in mind and entirely for transcription, audacity does not require advanced transcribers training. It is so simple yet efficient to complete both short and lengthy transcription projects.

Audacity is built primarily for audio file editing. This is a significant consideration when it is placed alongside other apps used in transcription. It means that developers have not added excessive features that may come in your way during transcription projects.

Audacity allows you to record audio files and produce the best quality projects directly on the software. It also accommodates imported files and will create files that are compatible with other audio handling platforms.

The sound quality when working with Audacity is awe-inspiring, giving you an enjoyable user experience. Audacity also allows you to enhance the user experience by using plugins. These are just some of the features that make Audacity the go-to platform for transcribers.

Pros and Cons of Other Transcription Platforms

Audacity transcription platform choice for transcription is informed by the recognition that there are other platforms. However, they are not as effective as Audacity.

Before condemning these platforms, it helps to look at why they are considered inferior to Audacity transcription. While at it, you will learn of other features that can help collaborate between Audacity and the other platforms to make your project easier to complete or of better quality.

FTW Transcriber

You will love the superior sound quality offered by the FTW transcriber. It also provides the option of customizing your time code. The feature allows an automatic timestamp for more straightforward transcription.

Furthermore, FTW allows you to convert the video or audio to another format to fit your project needs. You can rewind the audio while still typing on Word, giving you a seamless transcription experience.

On the reverse, it only works on Windows. Moreover, the free version comes with minimal features.

It costs about $23 for a 2-year subscription.

Express Scribe

The software comes with a free trial version that captures the basic features. It is also cheap when the time comes to buy a full version. It has an intuitively easy to use interface that accommodates all skill levels.

What’s more, it allows the import and export of all audio and video file types. While it is available for MAC and Windows,

Kindly note that express Scribe does not allow customized time stamps.

The limited features may affect the extent to which you can go with your project.

Start Stop Universal Transcription System

The universal element appears justified because the app accommodates all audio and video formats. With a USB foot pedal, starting and stopping the audio file is made easier. The software also features customized time stamps alongside the ability to play your audio or video files while still typing on Word.

You’ll also enjoy free technical support and upgrades as long as you are running the software. Once you obtain the license, you will never have to pay for upgrades or renewals. However, it only runs on Windows.


It is reasonably straightforward transcription software that can accommodate almost all audio or video formats imaginable. It runs on MAC as well as PC and allows you to customize your time stamps.

At $99, it is one of the most expensive applications.

It also comes with a text editor, meaning that you cannot type on other platforms like Word. Transcripts have to be exported and converted before using the script on Word.

It will, thus, complicate your user experience.

Dragon Naturally Speaking

While at it, allow me to mention software that is considered the future of transcription. It transcribes automatically without much of your input. It is also using artificial intelligence to detect sound and automatically transcribe it on an editor platform. The feature usually reduces the time taken to transcribe beyond, leaving you with a more straightforward job editing the transcript.

Dragon Naturally Speaking is regarded as dictation software. You speak onto an editorial board, and the text appears automatically. With your audio file, it will transcribe as though you are speaking on to it.

The challenge is that it only handles one speaker at a time. This means that dialogues will be difficult to transcribe. Newer versions also appear to be designed for PC without the option of using it on MAC.

The above five applications are competing with Audacity in transcription. However, Audacity still holds the lead, a fact confirmed by more than 100 million downloads.

Why is Audacity the top transcription software? Here are 5 top reasons to use Audacity.

5 Reasons To Use The Audacity Platform For Transcription

1.     Simple to Use

Audacity is built for amateurs but offers pro features. The simplicity lies in the fact that it is designed exclusively for sound editing. As such, video or captioning features will not come in your way when transcribing.

The idea is to create the most seamless transcription experience. Audacity also comes with a blank slate to avoid hindering your creativity.

You’ll have a clean interface, plus the option of advanced features, effects, and functionality.

2.     Room for Multi-track Handling

The feature will help you to combine files, compare details in the files, or extract information from multiple files concurrently.

Further, you do not have to open multiple windows or tabs to work on more than one file.

As a result, your files will be easier to handle and complete. It reduces the time taken to complete transcription projects.

audacity transcription

3.     Cross-Platform Capability

Let’s face it. There is no determining where an audio file will come from or its format. As such, you need an application that can handle any file format.

It won’t be easy to switch applications because the current file is in one format or the other. Audacity saves you from such troubles.

Further, Audacity is installable on any device used in transcription. Whether it is running on Linux, Windows, or OS X, Audacity will work effectively. As such, you do not require any extraordinary gadgets to run

Audacity. Interestingly, the features or appearance does not change with devices. It means that once you know how to use Audacity, you can handle any project.

4.     Handles All Audio Needs

Mention any audio assignment, and Audacity can handle it.

For an audio project, transcription is just one of the tasks. You could want to edit the file by slicing it to size, fading some areas, enhancing the volume, and adding some effects, among other tasks.

Audacity is the application to use for all your audio needs. These features and functionalities are available in plain sight. You will not require any advanced skills to unlock the extra features.

5.     Free Transcription Software

Audacity is a free source transcription software. It is a perfect gift for people who start transcription as a hobby or with little finances. You download Audacity and get down to work immediately. The potential of Audacity will surprise you, considering that it is free. It is one of the best deals you can get when working on transcription projects.

How to Get Started With Audacity Transcription

There is no doubt that Audacity is the software to use for transcription. How then do you get started with Audacity transcription?

Well, this is one of the easiest transcription programs to use. You do not require any special training to use Audacity. The interfaces are straightforward and use your usual icons, making it easy to follow the prompts.

Here is an easy guide on how to start your transcription journey with Audacity.

a.      Invest in the Right Hardware

Transcription requires the use of a laptop or computer. Because audio and video files are heavy, the computing device must have the capacity to run them without buffering.

Other transcription gadgets include foot pedals and headphones. A comfortable desk is also necessary to allow room to work on intense files.

With the right hardware, your audacity will serve the intended transcription role.

b.     Download Audacity

As you already know by now, Audacity is a free transcription software. Go to the internet and download Audacity for installation onto your computer device.

Fortunately, it does not require registration or licensing, enabling you to acquire one of the best transcription applications in the market at present.

Thus, install the software and prepare to run your projects.

c.      Learn How to Use Audacity

Audacity works like a Smartphone. It does not require any training to use. User interfaces are natural and will prompt you to take the next action automatically.

Within one or two projects, you will be an Audacity Guru. Online tutorials will help you to unlock some of the advanced features.

d.     Work On Projects

Begin working on serious commercial projects. Transcription is easy because it involves uploading an audio file and transcribing it to text.

If you are working as a freelancer, this is one of the tools you need. Very soon you will be earning a lot working from home.

e.      Advance Your Skills

Learn the advanced features offered by Audacity. They include captioning and video editing. Mastering transcription skills also help you to increase your earnings.

Audacity is a limitless audio handling software if you can unlock its potential.

Concluding on Audacity Transcription

Audacity transcription software can handle any of your audio projects if you know how to use its features. As an open-source platform with the option of plugins, the potential of this software is limitless. Download Audacity for free and enjoy one of the most captivating transcription experiences.

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