One of the biggest hurdles business owners face is that they do not have time to craft an effective content plan. Thankfully, you can save time and money if you do automated content creation. Automated processes are a godsend if you want to limit your effort in doing repetitive tasks. Now that AI has made its way to all industries, you can decrease required human effort in your content marketing and digital advertising.

If you want your brand to become memorable, you need to prioritize your content. But because it takes so much effort to think about the different forms and styles you can release to your audience, automating it is the right way to go. Automated marketing grew to a whopping $5.5 billion in 2019, and considering all its benefits, it’s about to get bigger. 

What Is Automated Content Creation?

Automated content creation refers to processes and systems that remove the need for human effort and intervention in your brand’s content. The goal of automated content creation is to automate all content that is time-consuming, costly, and repetitive.

At its core, automated content creation is a part of natural language processing and semantic analysis, which are both technologies that allow you to organize all information in an automated way. Through this, the standard is maintained and tailored to the target audience.

Automated content creation identifies all repetitive content-related duties and uses specialized applications and tools to perform them. It also seeks to give brand owners the optimal workflow that will improve their visibility, reach, and distribution.

automated content creation

What Types of Content Should You Automate?

The first step in automated content creation is to identify all your company’s repetitive tasks that are related to content. Automated content creation can help streamline difficult tasks such as content workflows, social media publishing, SEO, and more.

While automated content creation is still in its starting stage, it won’t take away the quality of your posts if you do it right. It will even help give you the ability to scale your content without hiring new people.


Automated emails are not new, but you can take this automated content creation to a whole other level by automating the message depending on the customer. After all, you are bound to get more results if you offer them personalized deals instead of generic ones since 72 percent of consumers say they engage more with messages that are customized to their needs.

When you use automated email, it will be easier for you to pull out whatever data, content, product, and information from your database into your preferred format. Therefore, you don’t need to copy, paste, format, and update anything else.

It is also possible to pull certain content parts into a personalized email campaign that aligns with the customer’s preference and behavior. When you use this strategy, it will be easier to engage with them.


A chatbot is an emerging trend for all industries since it can become a new avenue to convert customers. A chatbot can be built and then taught so they can engage with customers in a way that is effective. Chatbots have become so important that over 40 percent of large businesses launched one in 2019.

Chatbots can answer common questions from customers, and if they cannot answer a query, they can redirect a customer to a salesperson. For the most part, the content used by the chatbot to answer questions can be automated. This instant response will also be very appreciated by customers.


Online shoppers love to receive recommendations when they look at items they are interested in. When you have AI-based recommendations, your revenue will increase dramatically.

Product descriptions

All products need to have a compelling and concise description that will define their advantages and attributes. Writing product descriptions can be monotonous, so you have to think outside the box.

The number of product descriptions you need to write can be very overwhelming, and you need to change them often. When you use AI tools, it will be possible to automate product descriptions. You just need to feed the machine keywords, past descriptions, and related information. When something needs to be updated, you can also use your database to change all your descriptions across your eCommerce website and social media pages.

Data-heavy content

While it may not be a good idea to let go of all your freelance writers and replace them with robots, AI can help you write articles, especially if it’s data-heavy. Through AI writing, you will stay right on target since it will be easier to analyze keywords, readability, and article length. These benchmarks can also be used in the editing process.

Sometimes, maintaining consistency can be hard to achieve for companies, but through AI writing, this can be easier.

Content optimization

AI can make a huge difference when it comes to optimizing content for search engines to help more people find your product or service. This technology collects and analyzes data more efficiently and quickly than a human. Whatever information it gets will be used to provide insights about what keywords can help you more. Automated content creation through AI can also help refresh your content when necessary because algorithms frequently change.


You can’t deny that some concepts are better explained through a video. Automated content creation can help you with this. There are tons of programs where all you need is to input information and upload images, and it will generate a video for you in less than a minute. This can be great for social media promotions.

Content sharing

It takes a huge amount of time to publish all your content manually, and share it on all your social media pages, and then run ads for it. Automating content will allow you to save so much time since you will be able to bypass these tedious tasks. For this aspect of automated content creation, you just have to establish a posting schedule based on what time your target audience is online. This will help you maintain a better workflow, improve customer experience, drive your consistency, and save time.


You always want your content to be error-free, especially when it comes to punctuation, spelling, and terminology. However, trusting a single person to write and proofread articles and captions can backfire.

Using an AI proofreader such as Grammarly will make the task easier since apps don’t skip sentences if they get tired, nor get distracted by social media or phone calls. They also don’t have to deal with dry eyes. AI proofreading tools can spot errors across pages in just a couple of seconds.

Automated Content Creation Will Not Replace Real Professionals Yet

Technology is very efficient, but it still has its drawbacks and limits. As you may have expected, AI can’t always provide top-tier quality. This is why companies still need to rely on a human to work on important documents like translation jobs.

While you can use automated content creation to free up your time, especially when it comes to high-level tasks, you may still encounter miscalculations and errors that need human mitigation. Another downside of automated content creation is it is still no match for the human touch. When a human tackles a creative project, they can have a more multifaceted approach on it.

Benefits of Automated Content Creation

We’ve gathered some reasons why you can benefit from content automation.

It will broaden your reach

When you schedule all your content on social media, you can reach more people. You may have heard brands complaining about low organic reach, but this gap is something you can fix when you have automated content posting. When you forget to post at an optimal time, it will be harder to keep up with the standards of social media. Once you get automated content creation in order, you won’t have to be on your phone or laptop five times a day. Even without effort, more people will feel and see your brand’s presence.

automated content creation

You can take a break

When your content is automated, you will have more time for other things. For instance, you can use this valuable time to research other topics you want to cover. You can also take advantage of this time. Just rest so you can be more productive in the coming days.

Not only that, but when you’re always on social media for work, your relationships may suffer. You will miss a lot of birthday parties, weddings, or even family differences just so you can check off important items on your to-do list. However, when you have automated content creation, the system in place will allow you to be away from work without worrying about anything else.

You can easily analyze the performance

When you are going with automated content creation, you can analyze your content’s performance better. There are tons of special tools that will allow you to gain insight into your statistics, including your shares, likes, page views, comments, and many more.

Through this, you will know what types of posts are gaining more traction. Then, you can double your effort in areas where you have a high engagement rate. You can also see the metric on what type of content is shared most by your customers.

Automated Content Creation Is the Future

You can find content everywhere. Whether it’s in a word format, a blog, or an Instagram page, powerful content keeps businesses running smoothly. If you want to maximize your content’s potential, you should learn about automated content creation. This will help you make sure your content stays relevant, consistent, and error-free.