When you visit a garage, you want a mechanic who understands engines and can provide a comprehensive solution. The same expectations stand when you send or upload automotive videos for your clients. The gender, wording, images on the video, and tone of the narrator, among other factors, will make viewers fall in love with the video or never want to see your brand again. Thus, the unquestionable demand for quality automotive skills.

But why do you need an automotive video and what value does it add to your brand? How long should the video run and what are the expectations from viewers? We will look at all these concerns in detail to ensure that the eventual video produced impresses the market and goes viral. The tips are shared by video production professionals with incredible experience and results to show for their expertise.

Who Needs an Automotive Script?

The automotive industry is high on technical details. Some of these details are best communicated through images and videos compared to lengthy text. When you talk about different shades of blue, for example, your target clients may never understand or will have a different idea. When talking about vehicle designs or engine operations, describing them in detail will not make much difference. A video helps you to get the message home easily and accurately. So who requires automotive scripts for their videos?

  • Are you a marketer selling vehicles or their parts? You need a video to boost your sales.
  • Do you conduct vehicle reviews and would like to create a bigger impact? It is time to do your reviews on video.
  • Do you want to boost conversations and engagements on your website or social media? Use videos to engage your followers and potential clients.
  • Do you want to address a concern that many clients or followers have been raising about vehicles? The best method to use is creating a video on the topic.

As an automotive dealer or spare part seller, your perspective on videos will chance when you realize that 70% of care buyers use YouTube videos to help them make decisions about the vehicles to buy. It is, therefore, paramount to create the best video for your automotive business and get into the space where your customers are looking for information.

Why You Need an Automotive Video

Producing an automotive video is expensive and will take you away from your core business of keeping your clients on the road. However, do you know that people remember only 10% of what they read but 95% of what they watch? The figures indicate that you would rather spend your digital marketing and outreach resources producing videos than filling your website with acres of text. But the drive to create an automotive video goes beyond people remembering your content. Why do you need videos if you are in the automotive industry?

  • Videos Increase The Discovery Of Your Vehicle

Shoppers use videos to make the final decision on the vehicle to buy. It is in the process of searching for more information about their target vehicles that they discover others they never thought existed. This happens to 40% of vehicle buyers who turn to YouTube when searching for vehicles.

It might appear like chancing until you realize that in many cases you do not think of them as a target market. The fact that they were not looking for a vehicle like the one you are selling means that you might not have prepared content for them. The fact that you had a video ready allows you to increase your sales volume or add your target market by 40%. It feels like passive income from automotive video production.

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  • Videos are More Effective when Comparing and Contrasting

For a buyer to make a decision that delivers the best value for money, comparison is a must. Buyers want to compare prices and the features of each vehicle. If the features are written in text, they might not make sense and do not give a clear picture of what to expect. However, when it is in video format, the comparison is more accurate and satisfying.

It makes a lot of sense, after all, a buyer will avoid remorse if he can hear the sound, see the colors, and observe a few tests on the vehicle. Such buyers are likely to return to you for the second and third car because they have confidence in the information you provided in the first place. It is one of the best ways to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and avoid buyer remorse.

  • Video is the Best and Most Effective Call to Action

Video is not just good at discovery and exploration. It encourages the target customers to take buying action with outright results of visiting your yard. Research indicates that 60% of those who watched videos by garages and vehicle sellers ended up visiting the yard. In fact, they believed YouTube and social media videos more than commercials on television.

The target market visits your yard because the encounter with the video is as a result of an actual search and not a chance-advert that would happen during a television commercial. The people who will be seeing the video have a real interest in buying the vehicle as opposed to your everyday TV viewer or radio listener whose interest is the content on television. It will significantly boost your sales and audience engagement.

  • Videos Today Are Easy To Share

Potential vehicle buyers lean on friends and relatives for ideas and affirmation when buying vehicles. In case a friend comes across a video of a vehicle that anyone in his or her circles would love, there are high chances that he or she will forward the video. Sharing the videos, commenting, and engaging become one of the ways to spread the word about your vehicles and parts. You will be giving these ambassadors who already like your brand a chance to market your brand without paying.

It is also easy for video content to go viral compared to text or your ordinary type of content. The idea that a person will only spend two minutes watching a productive video and find it valuable compared to reading an article full of technical terms makes videos more popular.

How to Write an Automotive Video Script

Not all automotive videos go viral. After all, you will be competing with more than 500 million hours of videos people are watching on YouTube alone each day. Success, therefore, will depend on how you craft your video.

The basic ingredient of a quality automotive video is the script. Videos with excellent automotive scripts trend and have the chance of increasing your sales by up to 49%. The images to appear on the video, the voice in the background, graphics, and storyline of your video depend on the script. It happens like Hollywood where actors, costumes, directors, and other cinematography elements cannot compensate for a horrible script.

If the script is so crucial when making automotive videos, how do you write a blockbuster automotive script that will produce a trending video? Here are a few tips to consider.

  • Think of Your Audience

Who will be the consumers of your video? Are you targeting first time buyers, luxury vehicle buyers, cargo transporters, sports car enthusiasts, or who will be watching the video? What words would capture their attention? It is more about price, fuel consumption, prestige, or the features?

Understanding the audience gives you the right words to use. It also helps you to understand where your focus will be so that the video makes sense. If you cannot speak the language that the audience understands, your video will be a total flop.

  • Choose a Specific Topic

The automotive industry is so wide that you cannot cover everything in a single video. Furthermore, no one wants everything about a vehicle in a single sitting. In case you want to put everything in one video, the content will be too shallow.

A specific topic also helps your video to be discovered during a search. When uploaded online, people will be looking for singular topics like headlights, fuel consumption, luxury cars, sports cars, black color, and such specific issues. If a video addresses tires, headlights, off-road, fuel consumption, and durability, among many other issues, the topic will be too wide to be captured during a search. The target audience watching the video will have no idea what to expect.

  • Pick an Angle

How do you want to address your audience? Are you a manufacturer or will you be talking like a user? Will your script be written in the first person, second person, or third person? Based on what you are selling, which is the best angle to take?

A video comparing two vehicles will be different from one that is selling one brand. A reviewer, for instance, will be more personal and might use the first-person language. When a company is promoting its products, third-person language becomes more favorable. The audience and topic of your video will determine the best angle for your script. Once you get the angle right, the video produced will deliver the best value for money.

  • Develop a Storyline

What will appear in the opening five seconds, the middle of your video, and the conclusion? When will you call-to-action? It is the storyline that keeps viewers interested in your content. It will determine whether viewers abandon the video halfway.

The storyline will depend on the message you want to pass. Draw the storyline in such a way that the information captures the attention of the viewer from the beginning to the end. Keep the story interesting to watch and engaging to increase the chances of the viewer taking your desired action.

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  • Build Mental Images

What do you want the viewer to see on the video? Is it a narrator talking, demonstration, or animation? Will it be in the studio, in the field, industry, on the road, or what will your viewers be watching. What angle would enable the viewer to see all the details of your presentation?

The mental picture helps you to decide the words to include, the directions to give for cameras, and how narrators or the animation will interact with sound. Remember that moments of silence will be accompanied by demonstrations. Make it seamless and natural that viewers will find your video engaging.

  • Understand the Technical Issues

The automotive industry is very technical. There are words used to describe acceleration, engine power, lighting, colors, luxury, sports cars, and different elements of vehicles. Show knowledge and confidence in your content by including these technical elements. If they are lacking, your video appears weak and uncertain.

  • Write the Script

Create a unique script that considers all the above factors. Use creativity to produce an original idea that will make your video stand out. Hire experienced scriptwriters and learn from samples or transcripts of the viral videos already in the industry. Keep the video short, engaging, and informative.


Read through the script loudly or involve third parties to read as you listen. It gives you an idea of how the viewer will consume your content. The best automotive scripts follow unique storylines and ideas. It must show an understanding of the technical elements of the automobile industry. However, you must use a language that the target audience understands. Go forth and create the best script to drive the world crazy about automobiles.