You’ve come to the right place to find the perfect gifts for podcast lovers! Not only do we love podcasts here, but we love gifts that go with them – from t-shirts to headphones, we’ve got your gift ideas. So read on, and you may even want to pick something out for yourself.

First, let’s talk about the magic of the podcast

Before we jump into some great gift ideas for podcast fans, let’s talk about the podcast itself. Podcasts have captivated our world and are currently one of the top forms of media these days. People love podcasts; they just do. Here are a few reasons why from our own Bunny Studio library:

  • Podcasts are easy to listen to. No matter where you are, you can plugin for a podcast. They make commutes better, workouts more exciting, and chores around the house more than bearable.
  • They are also usually free, and it doesn’t get much better than that. Enough said about that.
  • You can choose from almost any topic and format to listen to. With all the different categories of podcasts, whether you like the serial format or stand-alone, conversational or interview podcasts, or simply informative and education, pick a topic and you can find a podcast that you’ll love.

Podcasts can inspire, intrigue, and captivate. They teach us, better us, and open our eyes to parts of society we never imagined. No wonder people love them. They’re a form of escape and one that can go anywhere we go. And this past year, listenership has grown in great strides (no wonder). If you’re not a podcast lover yourself, we bet you know one. And what better gift for them than a podcast-related one?

Categories before gifts for podcast lovers

One more thing before we get to our gifts for podcast lovers – categories. In fact, the categories can help us when we do get to the gifts, because say, for instance, your friend loves podcasts about cooking….well, how about a cooking gadget? So let’s touch on a few great categories and genres of podcasts:

gifts for podcast lovers

Physical and mental health

This has been a big one, especially this year. A lot falls under this category, including working out, meditation, anxiety strategies, and sleep podcasts. With everyone being stuck at home, people have found ways to help themselves through podcasts. For anyone trying to learn a bit about all kinds of health, this is the category they may be drawn to.

True Crime

We can’t have a podcast article without mentioning true crime. People love it. Whether it’s for the inner sleuth in us or the captivating mystery and the darker side of life, or just an escape from the day-to-day, this is always one of the top categories. And oh, the gifts that can come from here!

Society and news

Whether it’s to hear about the latest on the Covid vaccine or where the royals Harry and Meghan are living now, people love to know what’s going on in the world. As they should. Society and news can spread awareness, expand cultural awareness, and broaden our global communities.

Of course, we’ve also got entertainment, hobbies, and sports, plus a whole lot more. Anything you can think of probably has a podcast connected. So let’s get to those gifts.

Gifts for podcast lovers

Just like our podcasts, let’s take a look at gifts for podcast lovers in categories. And remember, many of these can be pretty specific if you really know your recipient’s favorite podcast.


Patreon is like an “extra” for podcast lovers. You can gift your friend a Patreon account to their favorite show. This provides insider looks, extra episodes, chats with the hosts, more content, fan participation and recognition, community access and participation, and more. It’s not expensive either. Often it’s just $5 a month. This is a great gift because it’s often one of the things someone wants, but feels is a splurge and doesn’t want to take that step. However, it’s well worth it.

Merch gifts for podcast lovers

Speaking of community – merch is a great way to enter the podcast community. Imagine how happy your friend will be when he’s wearing a shirt from his favorite podcast and a stranger on the street comments on it. They may chat a moment or just have that knowing nod. But it’s a connection. And there’s such fun merch, from shirts and hoodies to beanies and socks. You can usually find a coffee mug, pin, or even a sticker to go more the subtle route. And don’t forget to mention to your friend that through this, you’re supporting that favorite podcast.

There are some pretty awesome looking logos and merch that podcasts produce. You may even want to purchase something for yourself while you’re at it.

Listening gadgets

Stepping away from the specific podcasts, how about a gift of something that enhances your podcast-loving friend’s listening experience? There are some pretty fun gadgets out there, just check out Amazon and you’ll find a slew of awesome things from basic headphones to beanies with Bluetooth headphones embedded in them. Your friend can keep her head warm while listening to her favorite podcast.

For that special person that can’t get enough sleep podcasts, look for some sleep headphones. These are basically a soft band that keeps your headphones in place throughout the night. This will keep that soothing music or soporific voice doing its thing and ensuring a good night’s sleep.

How about some speakers? These have come such a long way over the years and speakers are a must for listening to podcasts around the house. Price ranges vary so you can find something for whatever your budget may be.

Don’t forget about the listening device itself. And while you probably don’t need to get anyone a phone or laptop, think about a portable charging device. We love podcasts for long walks, but what if your phone runs out of battery? It won’t when you have a portable charging device.

For the up-and-coming podcaster

Maybe your friend loves podcasts so much they’re ready to create their own. An awesome way to support their endeavor is with some podcasting equipment. This article shares some of the steps of producing a podcast, including the importance of equipment:

As far as equipment goes, you’ll at least need a computer and a microphone. Then you get to headphones, mixers, and amplifiers. You can find detailed information on equipment for podcast production here. Once you have your equipment and space you’ll be set for each episode.

So maybe a great mic or some of the other fun tools for making a podcast sound great would be the perfect gift for your podcast-loving friend. Plus your support! We are always happy to help here, too, with any services they may need in production or editing, music, or even logos!

gifts for podcast lovers


Sure, your friend may be more of a listener than a reader, but there are some great books out there related to podcasts. Whether they are about podcasts in general or published by the podcast host, books can be a great supplement and way to expand their love of podcasts.

If a podcast has turned your friend onto a topic, find a related book. It doesn’t even have to be related to the podcast directly. Think about it. Your friend has become obsessed with a podcast about haunted places. Find a book about haunted places in your area. Maybe you could even go explore them together. If you’re brave enough!

Support that new hobby

Not only books can support a beloved podcast, but so can other things. How about if your friend is always talking about the baking podcast he loves. Get him some muffin tins and cute dish towels. Maybe they’re taken with a podcast about dog training; buy a bag of dog treats and a new leash for their pup.

One last awesome idea for gifts for podcast lovers

Here’s our last one and we think it’s a great one. You can look at it in two ways, too. A great gift for a podcast lover is a quote. Now, this can be a quote from one of their favorite podcast shows or hosts, and have it printed on something they can see pretty often. It can inspire them or simply make them smile. You can do anything from a sticker for their laptop to a cute sign to hang in their home.

Another great idea is to have a quote about podcasting or following your dream, something inspirational they can put in their podcast studio if they’re working on their own podcast. So, find that perfect quote, print it up, and they will love it!

The Bottom line on gifts for podcast lovers

Podcasts are awesome. They are diverse, eye-opening, enriching, and entertaining. No wonder your friend loves them. The key to a great gift is to match up that gift with the podcast and your friend. We mentioned merch from the podcast -that’s perfect! We mentioned books about the topic of podcasting itself – perfect, too! Think about what your friend loves about the podcast and go from there. Take our list and make it your own. And you really can’t go wrong with that beanie with built-in blue tooth headphones.

If your friend is working on their own podcast, one of the biggest things you can give them is your support. We can support them, too, and help out in any area. It can be a little tough and overwhelming to try to do it all. They can find us at Bunny Studio and check out all of our services. Oh, and while you’re shopping, pick up a little something for yourself.  You deserve it.