As a first-time freelance content writer, you may think you are alone, but the numerous online resources for writers say otherwise. Even experienced writers find themselves at a loss now and then.

Writing resources are available to everyone, in multiple formats, regardless of experience and industry.

And with enough published pieces under your belt, you can even design a resource of your own to help other writers on their journey.

Read on to uncover some of the best writer resources for 2021.

Why Use Resources for Writers?

You can try to do everything yourself, or you can use the multiple resources available to you and achieve your goals faster.

Writer resources can help you improve on the skills you already have, as well as expose you to new techniques and opportunities in the industry.

Comparing your work to others who write in the same field allows you to gain a wider perspective on your craft.

Here are the major benefits of using writer resources:

Gain New Clients

If you have worked as a freelancer, you know how stressful it can be to get clients – particularly when you are starting.

You may not know how to navigate certain jobs, or even how to get consistent and well-paying clients.

This is where writer resources come in.

You can find entry-level jobs that don’t require much experience, and you can find tons of information on how to grow as a niche writer.

Craft Better Content

The more you research and interact with high-quality content, the more likely you are to improve your writing skills.

A simple Google search will reveal multiple tools, tips, and resources for content writers. You might also find step-by-step tutorials.

Beef Up Your Portfolio

Polishing up your portfolio is not just about publishing new content every other day. The quality of your work is also in question – are your articles today better than they were a few months ago?

If not, you need to revise your strategy, and there are numerous resources to help you with that.

Take free courses on Udemy or LinkedIn and get certified. Reach out to professional editors and ask for a review of your work.

Earn More Money

After gaining new skills and improving the quality of your work, the next step is to get paid.

What is your worth as a writer?

With certifications and published content, you can set your rates as high as you want. Writer resources exist for one reason only – to help you become the best you can be.

However, there is a small challenge when it comes to choosing the best resources for yourself.

writer resources

How to Choose a Writer’s Resource

You have both print and digital resources which can either be free or cost tens if not hundreds of dollars.

The resource you choose should fit your needs as a writer.

Here are a few factors to consider:

What Type of Writer are You?

Are you an academic writer?

Perhaps you specialize in creative writing, or blog content, or email copy – or maybe your calling is social media writing.

Different writers cannot use the same resources all through. In academic writing, for instance, the most credible resources come from relevant industry publications and renowned academic institutions.

Creative writers can find useful information from credible and high-ranking blogs and websites. Technical writers need resources that deliver detailed and factual information about how a specific unit of product works.

The resources you use should also be updated on a regular basis to keep up with any industry changes.

What is your Experience Level?

How many years have you been writing? Do you write professionally or as a hobby?

Finding the best resources for you means answering such questions.

Your experience level matters because it narrows down the type of resources and mentorship you need to advance your skills.

Consider Budget

The problem with free writer resources is that you never know if you are getting helpful and well-researched information – or mediocre content.

With paid resources for writers, you can either do it with a one-off payment or on a subscription basis. The best resources might even come with one-on-one customer support.

Print media also comes at a cost, including the delivery fee if you order the resource online.

The rule of thumb here is easy; beginner writers are better off with free tutorials until they get a clear picture of what they want to do.

As for seasoned professionals, the best course of action is to get paid resources that offer full suite support and access to new opportunities.

Best Writer Resources in 2021

You don’t have to scourer the internet to find the best writer resources – just follow this comprehensive list to improve your skills and gain better clientele:

Resources to Improve your Writing Skills

What constitutes good writing?

Factors like spelling, grammar, and punctuation all count towards good content. By mastering the basics, a writer can produce high-quality work that relates to both the client’s brand and its audience.

But writing is a wide field, and you need to adapt your skills depending on the content you are crafting. For instance, a formal tone is essential in business and academic writing.

When applying for jobs, you have probably come across clients who ask for native writers.

To write like a native speaker, it’s important that you constantly research and adapt your skills to the best of your ability.

Here are some resources to help you polish your writing skills:

Grammar Girl

This is a friendly user guide to punctuation and grammar usage. Grammar Girl can help you to further develop your understanding of the English language.


You can access various writing courses on Udemy. However, since any self-proclaimed expert can upload their courses on the platform, do your research well before paying for a course.

Guide to Grammar and Writing

This index is the online grammar textbook you never had. Writers can access lessons, research papers, and work on basic word and sentence structures.

POWA (Paradigm Online Writing Assistant)

This is an online writing assistant designed to guide writers through the complexities and nuances of the English language.

You can learn anything from basic punctuation to the editing process.

Resources to Improve your Typing Speed

What is your turnaround time?

Some jobs have quick turnaround times, and to deliver quality work on time, you need to type fast.

The average professional typist works at 65 to 75 words per minute. The best typists can reach speeds of up to 120 words per minute.

Start slow and practice regularly and eventually, your typing speed will improve. You can download and install typing speed software directly on your device.

Here are some helpful resources:


This resource offers a practical way to improve a writer’s typing speed through a racing game. The faster you type, the faster the car on the screen moves.


This is a simple resource with a clean website and minimal distractions.

Writer Resources for Great Editing

The best editing and proofreading software can integrate into browsers and allow writers to make changes to their content on the go.

The best editing resources for writers include:


The editing and proofreading software costs $29.99 per month, and it is worth every cent.

Grammarly comes with a robust set of editing tools and can integrate into Chrome, WordPress, and even Microsoft Word.


This is a stripped-down and distraction-free writing and editing environment that is fully customizable for the user.


This writer resource is commonly used as a plagiarism checker, but it also includes features that allow users to edit and proofread their content.


A quick editing tool that is currently only available to windows users.

Resources for Networking

We live in a highly connected world, and networking among all types of interest groups has never been easier.

Platforms such as Reddit connect writers who then exchange advice on relevant topics in the industry.

You can ask questions, answer questions, and even get one or two clients from the platform.

Medium is also a great platform for networking, offering a portfolio management system as well as access to publishers.

LinkedIn also has a lot of great content marketing groups you can join.

writer resources

Where can Writers find Jobs Online?

There are hundreds of websites that offer writers the opportunity to use their skills to earn an income.


Finding consistent work can be tricky as the level of competition is very high, and most of the websites that claim to offer jobs are fronts for fraudsters.

Data from Freelancing in America shows that there are over 57 million freelancers in the world – from virtual assistants and photographers to writers and graphic designers.

The best outsourcing website for writers to find work is Bunny Studio. Through our platform, writers can improve their chances of getting clients by:

  • Crafting high-quality and original content.
  • Being consistent and gaining rave reviews from your clients.
  • Submitting multiple high-quality samples of their previous works.

Writers must also ensure that they maintain a social media presence on relevant platforms like Facebook and Twitter with active links to their portfolios.

Here are some resources from the Bunny Studio blog to help you get started on your writing journey:

Challenges of Using Online Resources

Writers face multiple challenges when using online resources.

For one, there are scammers all over the internet trying to make a quick profit off unsuspecting clients.


You may find websites that offer vague information about their services and demand payment beforehand.

Look out for free trials, if present, and ensure you read multiple reviews on any writer resource you want to use.

Money-back guarantee policies are also helpful when you are not sure you want to commit for the long term.


A slow or unresponsive site might cost a writer their best clients. As we mentioned earlier, reviews are your best friend. Find any and all forums discussing the resource before you sign your life away.

Limited Budget

A writer with limited internet access also has limited ability to use the best resources available to them. They may also not be able to access the premium versions of tools that work better than the free versions.

Nurture your Potential

The increased connectivity in the writing community means writers, both beginner and experienced, now have access to vast opportunities and tools for improvement.

There are countless tools available for the modern writer to improve and profit from their skills.

These resources range from free tutorials and editing software to platforms that allow writers to self-publish and market their work.

There are also platforms that allow you to search for writing jobs directly, regardless of your experience level.

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